Saturday, June 30, 2007


The competition is cutthroat now. Tension was in the air. Faces were reflecting fear and anticipation. Will they make it? Or not? The ‘Indian Idol’ gala round began with some flawless performances. But strangely some of the best singers couldn’t deliver their best. The judges were nearly at war. Their opinions differed. Their words clashed. While Javed kept on backing Anu Maliik, Alisha was left all alone to fight for herself. Udit was the smartest of the lot. He simply refused to open his mouth.

Richa's performance could not satisfy the judges as usual except Alisha who thinks she is a rocking singer. All the judges realised her voice is still not matured for a playback singer. Bhartiya Janta also agreed with the judges and they voted her out.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Gala Has Started With The Rocking Performance

First gala of Indian Idol 3 is over. There was some spectacular performances in the show. As usual judges had a controversy among themselves. Puja after singing so fantastic throughout the piano and theatre round ... was super flop yesterday. She tried to focus on her performance rather than her singing. All other coneestants tried their best to impress the judges as well as the audience. Now its upto bhartiya janta ..they will decide who will make to the next round of Indian Idol 3

Sunidhi Chauhan ne crazy kiya re

Watch some of the snap shots of rocking Sunidhi

Hills plan avalanche of Idol votes

If you cannot send text messages to support your favourite contestant in a nationally televised singing competition, you can simply sign a cheque, or pay in cash, and let a group of dedicated volunteers cast your votes.
People who hail from Darjeeling, but are currently scattered across the globe are doing exactly that to ensure that Prashant Tamang is crowned the next Indian Idol. Tamang, a resident of Toongsoong here, has fought his way to the Top 13 (the judges have added three singers to the Top 10 contestants chosen by the audience) and his fate now depends solely on the number of text messages he gets following his performances this Friday and Saturday.
But as Pranay Rai, the MLA from Darjeeling, put it, “how many text messages can one send?” So, the residents of the hill town have followed in the footsteps of their friends and relatives abroad and last evening donated Rs 31,000 to “buy prepaid mobile vouchers that will be distributed among volunteers”.
The volunteers are expected to work overtime to send an avalanche of SMS votes in favour of Tamang as well as Karma Sherpa, another singing sensation from the hills who has reached the Top 5 of a different contest telecast on a Bengali TV channel.
“We have decided to utilise the money in a very transparent way,” said Tenzing Khambachay, who heads an informal committee set up to garner support for Tamang. “Once we give the recharge vouchers to the volunteers, we will check their outboxes to see if they have really sent the messages.”
Two SMS committees were formed last evening itself to monitor the whole process. They include friends and relatives of Tamang and Sherpa as well as residents of the hill town.
While the Rs 31,000 collected yesterday, including Rs 10,000 from Rai, will be split equally between the two singers, Tamang’s fund will be boosted by contributions from abroad.
“Our people working in Hong Kong have sent us Rs 17,600 and I have been told that those who are in Brunei have given Rs 8,000,” said Khambachay.
People living in other countries, except the UAE and the UK, cannot vote for Indian Idol contestants. The rule has already provoked anger among people in Nepal, who as of now can only voice their support by leaving messages on the website set up in support of Tamang. Such is the craze in Nepal over Tamang, that reporters of a leading TV channel there actually came down to Darjeeling recently to cover his story.
Yesterday’s donation spree was preceded by a unique show of solidarity by Karma, who led a colourful rally out on the streets of Darjeeling to campaign for both Tamang and himself. With the Darjeeling Police band in tow, the rally started from the railway station and ended at Chowrastha.
There, in an impassioned speech, Karma thanked the people for their support and asked them to vote for him before the new round of the contest. Karma, too, needs enough SMS votes in his favour before July 2.
The programme was organised by the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Transport Joint Action Committee, an umbrella organisation of taxi syndicates in town. After the Darjeeling MLA came forward to donate Rs 10,000, more than a dozen syndicates dropped not less that Rs 1,000 each in the hastily-built donation box.
Residents, too, joined in and contributed anything between Rs 10 and Rs 100 and within half an hour Rs 31,000 had been collected.

Next stop – the Galas!

Padmanav had the voice and Suhit had the moves. But according to the judges, Ankita was the perfect combination of both. As the two best friends bowed out gracefully, Indian Idol got its two Wild Cards—Amit and Ankita—and the janta got their Top 13. And what better way to celebrate than with show stopping performances from Sunidhi Chauhan. As she belted out song after song, the contestants met her beat for beat, impressing her with their confidence. The stage is now set for the finals.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cops on guard to secure Prashant’s place in Idol race

Its festive mood at the Alipore Body Guard Lines today as the campus gets ready for yet another evening soiree. Its as if our cops can’t wait to see their new-found icon Prashant Tamang belt out numbers in the Indian Idol. As the night sets in, residents of the quarters and police barracks of Alipore Body Guard Lines slowly trickle down to gather in front of the giant screen that has been put up for Prashant’s performance tonight.
A resident of Darjeeling, Prashant has sung his way to the top 11 of the Indian Idol contest. And the city’s police fraternity has launched an aggressive poster campaign to stir up support for Prashant. The 24-year-old is a member of the Kolkata Police orchestra and stays at the police barracks at the Alipore Body Guard Lines.

In fact, the celebration of Prashant’s success has blurred the police hierarchy with all officers watching the show together irrespective of their designation in office. Moreover, the city’s cops are ready to recharge their cell phones to send SMS to the Indian Idol to vote for their solidarity with Prashant.
“At least 20,000 personnel of the Kolkata police force will be sending SMSs . Some people have already kept assigned Rs 500 for the purpose. Each one of us will send at least 50 messages,” said Arup Mukherjee, a Kolkata police officer.
“We pray for his success. We are proud of him. I appreciate my boys for their enthusiasm. All of us, want him to be the winner,” said Zulfiquar Hassan, additional CP, armed police.

“I’ll go back to living a normal life” -- Suhit Gosain

It’s hard to believe that Suhit has never got any training in music. His lively voice, electric moves, immense stage presence and oodles of X factor had made him one of the most promising contestants on this year’s Indian Idol. But when the time came for selecting the Top 10, the janta and the judges voted him out. But why?
We met Suhit in the green room, right after his elimination. He looked down and out. “I was never meant for a music career,” he said. Does he feel so because of a single rejection? After all, there will be many other chances.
Suhit wants to do his MBA, and, most probably, rock the IT industry. He never thought he would make it to the Top 12. Music was never his agenda. In a way, he surprised himself. So why is he upset now?
“Well, as I started going up the ladder, I took it as a challenge. It always hurts when you’re rejected,” he said. “The judges discarded me. That’s when I lost the game.

But one achievement he cannot deny is the female fan following he has across the country today. He smiled and said, “Well, I don’t know about any girls being crazy about me, never came across one.” That’s being modest, isn’t it Suhit?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Would Indian Idol 3 be a girl this time?

For the last two seasons, the coveted title of Indian Idol has been grabbed by two boys, Abhijit Sawant and Sandeep Acharya.
However, the girls who are competing in season three are showing off not just talent, but also oodles of glamour, style and attitude. So would Indian Idol 3 be a girl? When this question was posed before three of the 13 finalists, Charu Semwal, Deepali and Ankita Mishra, they were all smiles. In their first ever media interaction organised by Sony Entertainment Limited, the trio said they wished that one of them would go on to become Indian idol 3.

Hailing from Dehradoon, 20-year-old Charu Semwal always dreamt of becoming a singer. "For me, every moment during Indian Idol is precious.
I have dreamt of this kind of life," says Charu. One of the strongest contenders, Charu feels that she can be the Indian Idol because she scores in terms of singing, performance and good looks. "I am working really hard on my singing and I believe my performance has been appreciated by the audience. And then, I look good too," says doe-eyed Charu with a giggle.
Not far behind is Deepali, the 19-year-old from Patna. Deepali, who is not only a singer, but an actor and a dancer as well. Her RJ act had won her a lot of fans (including programme anchor Mini Mathur) on the show. "For me, getting into Indian Idol means making the dream of every daughter come true. People who believe that daughters cannot do anything should see that here, daughters like us are doing wonders," says Deepali. "I am sure that I can win because I not only concentrate on my singing, but also on my performance," says Deepali.
The last one, whose fate was still hanging in mid-air as the results of the wild card round were to be announced on Saturday night's episode, is Ankita Mishra. Hailing from neighbouring Kanpur, Ankita
prefers to be called Ankit on the show. She has made judges Alisha, Udit Narayan and Javed Akhtar dance to her tunes. "My USP is not just my singing, but also the way I interact with my audience," says the 17-year-old. On Saturday, she was more feminine than sporting her usual tomboy looks.
"I am a very down to earth girl and it is just my dress that is changing, not my attitude," says Ankita. "I want to become a performer and win the hearts of people," she said. The trio surely shows a lot of promise. And with the Gala round starting off from June 29 onwards, India is looking forward to watch the fate of these three talented singers.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ankita Is The Judges Choice

Watch Out Some Of The Coolest Performance Of Ankita

Ankita Mishra...performance on 16 June@Indian Idol#3

Friday, June 22, 2007

Amit Paul Made A Comeback Through The Janta's Vote

Amit is the lucky guy to get the blessings of janta janardhan. He is the lucky contestant who made it to the galas. Saturday will be the night of reckoning for the 3 contestants who made a dramatic comeback -- Ankita, Padmanav & Suhit.
It’s going to be a star-studded show this Saturday, with power performer Sunidhi Chauhan as guest.

Zayed and Sunidhi to rock the show!

It’s going to be a star-studded show this weekend, with heartthrob Zayed Khan & power performer Sunidhi Chauhan as guests. Zayed’s association with Idol goes back to season 1, when he was a guest. He has followed the show ever since & feels the talent has grown with each season.
Tonight will be the night of reckoning for the 4 contestants who made a dramatic comeback -- Amit, Ankita, Padmanav & Suhit. Today the contestants will have their first live peroformance with Sunidhi and Zayed. Top 11 contestants are already selected. Now itz time for the 2 wild cards contestants to enter the gala.

“Indian Idol is a turning point in Meiyang’s life”

“I’ve never seen him so driven,” said Gaichen Chang, Meiyang Chang’s mother. She runs a beauty parlour in Dhanbad. Meiyang’s father is a dentist and the reason why Meiyang never thought twice before joining the college of dentistry.
So when did a career in music come into the picture? Gaichen smiled and said she had never known Meiyang was serious about a career in music, till Indian Idol happened.
“You can say that Indian Idol is a turning point in Meiyang’s life,” she said. Meiyang had gone to Bangalore to take the MDS entrance, but then he called up to tell his parents that he had cleared the audition for Indian Idol. “We were surprised. We had seen the show earlier, but had never had a clue about how big it was,” she said. “The people in Dhanbad are praying for Meiyang. He is a hero there.”
Meiyang has always been multi-talented. He was a good painter in school. In college, he used to participate in music competitions and has won many prizes. Surprisingly, he never received any training in music. Gaichen had thought music was a passing phase for him. At Dhanbad, a music career was no career at all, and shifting to Mumbai was never an option. “But we’ll support him in everything he does. We want him to make the best of whatever he wants to do,” his mother said.
Meiyang has got a surprisingly huge fan following through the show. And it is not just because of his singing; his looks contributed to it as well. It seems he gets more votes from girls than from guys. Geichang smiled when she heard about it. So, does he have a girl friend? She shook her head: “Not as far as I know.” But then if the girls keep chasing him, who knows?
What are his chances of winning? According to his mother, the contenders are quite strong. Charu and Deepali are very talented. But Meiyang is also among the best in the show. “Whatever the audiences decide, we’ll take it sportingly,” she said. “He should make the best of whatever God has given him.”

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Amey Date is remembered as the boy who shook up the judges.

Amey Date has a musical lineage of his own as his grandfather was part of R.D. Burmans orchestra, his sister a trained classical singer. He himself was trained under the tutelage of Suresh Wadkar. He teaches students in his academy and sings on stage with his guru.

All hell broke loose when Amey Date was voted out of Indian Idol 2. Judges Sonu Nigam, Anu Malik and Farah Khan walked out of the sets, saying they did not have faith in a system that voted out the best singers. A nasty argument broke out between the judges and supporters of Anuj Sharma, who survived the vote-out.
Only one man remained calm in spite of the storm he had raised: Amey, himself. The Mumbai lad refused to take up the judges` offer of a second chance. He walked out into the sunset, saying he believed in playing according to the rules of the game.

A year later, Amey tells that he has no regrets.

Have you watched Indian Idol 3 yet?

I`ve watched only one episode so far. But I`m looking forward to the galas, because that is where you see true talent emerge.

Your comments on the new judges?

I think we have a fantastic combination of judges this year. A lyricist, a music director, a male singer and a female singer. That`s pretty much the whole package. I was very happy to see Javedji on the panel of judges. I respect him a lot. And as a senior lyricist, he would best know what a playback singer should be made of. Alishaji is very sweet, and Anuji, of course, has always been there. I like Uditji because he is never rude, and am sure that would raise the confidence of the contestants.

How has Indian Idol changed your life?

I got fame and recognition, thanks to this show. I`ve been doing a lot of shows the past year. I`ve sung all over India and abroad -- from Nagpur to Nigeria to Ghana to Dubai. People recognise me now, and the show gave a boost to my career. Even within the industry, there are more people willing to sign me on. It made my struggle a little easier.

When do we get to buy an Amey Date album?

You might hear an announcement soon! I don`t want to talk about it now because it`s still in the planning stage. I don`t want to do anything in a hurry. But I can promise you I will make no compromises. It will be a melodious and musical album.

What do you feel when you look back at the day you were voted out?

The judges walked out, the public reacted so strongly...I was prepared to leave any time. In any public voting show, you have to be mentally prepared for the worst every week. I remember being shocked for a fraction of a second after Mini announced that I was out. But after that, I was okay with it. When the judges walked out, when the media supported me, I can`t deny I was happy with the fame that came with it. I thought that though I didn`t win the title, I didn`t lose, either.

Do you regret not taking up the judges` offer to seek a comeback for you?

Not at all. I believe in playing according to the rules of any game. And being voted out did give me a lot of recognition.

Anu Malik offered you a chance to sing..

No, that didn`t happen. And I doubt it will. There are too many singers around, and I don`t believe in being dependent on anyone. If I`ve to struggle a little more for success, so be it.

No playback offers so far?

Not in Hindi. But I`ve been singing jingles, and for a lot of regional albums -- Marathi, Punjabi, Marwadi, etc.

Your favourite memory of your Indian Idol days?

Lots of them... But I remember once when we were returning to our flat from the sets. Another contestant, Yashashree, sat in front of me in the van. There was this boy working on the sets who wanted to get dropped home. He sat next to Yashashree and got off the vehicle when we reached his home. I guess Yashashree had been in her own world all the while. She suddenly woke up and wanted to know what happened to the boy who had sat next to her. I told her there had been no one there. It was all her imagination.... that she could have seen a bhoot. She got so hassled she started crying, getting nervous... and I had to tell her the truth.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

True talent bids adieu

“I’ve lost my faith in public voting” ---- Bhavin Dhanak

Bhavin Dhanak was undoubtedly one of the most talented singers in Indian Idol. His exit from the show left everyone shocked. But the guy himself is quite unshaken.
After his vote out, we found him sitting in the green room. Dressed in a blue striped shirt and cream trousers, he looked relaxed and, surprisingly, upbeat. When we asked him about his shocking elimination, he said with a sad smile: “Public voting se bharosa uth gaya hain.”
Does he know why it happened? He said it could have been because he did not have a lively personality like Emon or Chang. Everyone noticed him only in the Piano Round. Although his performances were flawless (and he got amazing support and appreciation from the judges), the audiences remained oblivious to his potential. But this was not the end, he said.
So, what were his plans—going back to Dubai? No, he said, he has decided to stay back and fight it out—the mark of a truly passionate singer. So who was his idol? He said he would die to work with A R Rahman. But at the moment his aim was to return as a ‘Wild Card’ entry. “Let’s see if I make it. If I don’t, I’ll go and knock on the doors of all the music directors,” said the 23-year-old.

Would he consider doing stage shows? Yes, he said, it is a good way to meet your daily expenses. After all, staying in Mumbai by yourself is tough. Did he have any regrets? Bhavin looked sure when he said he did not want to change a thing. He was satisfied with his performance, but the next time, he said he would make sure that even the janta sat up and cheered.

`Ankita has proved she is a winner all the way`

Javed Aktar's one of the favorite Ankita Mishra who is now a wild card contestants. Javed ji is always pleased with the Ankita's performance. On the last performance he commented "Kya Mood Mein Gaya Ankita"

What is the `dignified` Javed Akhtar up to?

Javed dances to Ankita`s tunes

Shaking a mean leg!

`Ankita has proved she is a winner all the way`

Bless me

Monday, June 18, 2007

The `Super 4` and Anu Maliik

The janta’s verdict is out. From among the seven contestants who were called back, the audience chose Ankita, Amit, Padmanav and Suhit to battle it out in the final Wild Card round. To add to excitement, a `fitter and better` Anu Maliik returned. Ankita and Padmanav rocked the show, while Amit forgot the lyrics midway. Suhit`s performance, as usual, created problems. While Alisha felt he gave a credible showing, Javed felt his singing was always flat.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

4 Wild Cards Contestants Were Choosen

Amit, Ankita, Padmanav and Suhit rocked the stage to get an entry in the gala round. But judges were shocked for Bhavin, Shantanu and Ayesha as they were ot selected. There was as usual controversy for the selection of stylish cool dude Suhit.

Vote for your favorite contestants. Voting lines end at 18th June 12.00 night.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Who Will Be The Lucky 2 Dude ?

The cool dudes are back. 18 candidates out of the eliminated contestants were called for the wild card round of Indian Idol. Shantanu, Amit, Ankita, Ayesha, Padmanov, Bhavin and Suhit were the lucky ones who gave brilliant performances.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Watch Dhanbad Ke DYNAMITE .... Miss PUJA

Puja Chatterjee mera yaar mila de Indian Idol

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

'Indian Idol-3' thrives on melodious voice

Drama and suspense, tears and sorrow, joy and ecstasy - Sony television channel's reality show "Indian Idol" is back for the third season. And what makes this season better than the previous two is the quality of the singers.
Young and vibrant with stardust in their eyes, the contestants are gifted with rich and melodious voices.
"We have got some really talented and confident contestants. We have done our bit and we have now put the mantle on the audiences. I am sure they will make the right decision in choosing their 'Bharat ki shaan'," said Udit Narayan, one of the show's four judges.
The judges - Javed Akhtar, Anu Maliik, Alisha Chinai and Narayan- selected 123 contestants from 25,000 candidates across India and overseas. Of them, they handpicked 28 aspirants who gave a mind-blowing performance in the piano round that started June 1.
Now after a long screening process only 10 contestants left along with Jolly Das, contestant of Indian Idol -2.
With these 10 contestants, 2 more are going to join the team of Indian Idol through the wild card entry. Stay in touch with Indian Iidol 3 and you can see lots of electrifying performances.

Indian-born Chinese-origin boy rocks on Indian TV

Indian-born Chinese contestant, Meiyang Chang, on Friday night made it to top 12 of India's most popular music contest, Indian Idol, telecast across the nation on Sony Entertainment Television.
Chang, a dentist, is the third generation Chinese in India. His grandfather came to India from China many years ago.
Born and brought up in Dhanbad in Central India, Chang believes music has no language.
The 24-year-old has become the heart throb of many Indian girls, and has been categorized as the "cutest" contestant in the show.
Chang has come a long way. After being screened in the most preliminary audition round, he celebrated by jumping into the swimming pool.
At the insistence of other contestants, he repeated his act again!
Judge Anu Maliik, who is a music director, told Chang after one of his performances that "I love your voice. It is magical. You will make it to the top five."
The Chinese boy with an Indian heart believes he is the best and can keep an audience entertained. Called "simple and easygoing " by fellow contestants, he has never trained in music, but believes he inherited his genes from his father.
The channel Friday showed Chang's grandmother making a small Chinese prayer for his success in the show.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Policeman In Indian Idol Becomes New Nepali Icon

A 22-year-old policeman from Darjeeling, who is one of the contestants in the popular "Indian Idol" show hosted by Sony television channel, has become the new icon for the Nepalese diaspora with Indian viewers of Nepalese origin whipping up a campaign to boost his chances.

Prashant Tamang, who comes from the Tungsung village in Darjeeling, has hit the headlines in neighbouring Nepal where hundreds are rooting for him.
Kantipur, Nepal's largest circulated newspaper, reported yesterday how Indians of Nepali origin have found a new object of pride in Tamang, who despite a difficult youth and having no formal training in music, won praise from the judges of the contest and survived the elimination round.
Taxis in Darjeeling are carrying photographs of the smiling Tamang, while schools, clubs and even the local police are asking people to support the singer, the report said.
A banner put up by Darjeeling Police said, "Prashant Tamang, the first ethnic Nepali Indian to have gone past the elimination round is our prestige."
After his father Madan Tamang died in an accident, Tamang, then just a teenager, was offered a job by the police force for which his father worked.
He joined the force in 2002 and found an outlet for his singing dreams by joining the police band. Currently, Prashant is stationed in Kolkata.
Ethnic Nepalese are also proud of Udit Narayan Jha, the golden-voiced boy from Nepal's border area, who became a singing sensation in India's multi-billion rupees Bollywood film industry.

TALKING POINTS: with Annu Malik

The recuperating judge will be back on Indian Idol 3 next week

What happened?

I felt a nagging pain in my chest which also shot through my left arm. I had to be hospitalised for a check. Thankfully, it isn’t a heart attack. I have been detected with an angina and was advised bed-rest. I can’t afford that, so I took a few days’ break. I have been shooting from home since the past few days. I judged after watching the recorded participants’ performances. I will be back for the wild card round.

Did you miss being on the show?

Of course, I watched it on TV. I was critically reviewing the participants’ performances even when I was watching as an audience. It also felt great to hear that everyone missed me so much in my absence.

Among all other judges, you seem to be the most vocal about your judgments.

I am not here to mollycoddle anyone. If someone hasn’t sung well, he or she has to hear the truth. At the same time, I have to shower them with praises, if it’s an excellent performance.

Why are we missing out on fights between judges?

We don’t stage any mock-fight to draw more eyeballs. Indian Idol 3 enjoys a high TRP, even without such drama. Whatever disagreement happens in the show is genuine.

Don’t you think this year’s contestants are not as good as the last two seasons’?

I don’t think so. We had heard similar criticisms even in the previous season. The best part is that we have a variety of talents in Indian Idol 3. One has to wait for the final 10 candidates who are extremely talented. The competition is getting exciting every day

Monday, June 11, 2007

Top 10 Contestants ....Check Out

Prashant From Darjeeling

Richa From Delhi


Smita From Kolkata

Puja From Jharkand

Emon Chatterjee - Kolkata

Parleen Singh Gill - Delhi

Meiyang Chang - Kolkata

Charu Semwal - Delhi

Abhishek Kumar - Bhopal

Sunday, June 10, 2007

FInally Top 10 Contestants Were Selected For Gala

Two hot performers are out. It was another action-packed day in Indian Idol. The show began with nail-biting suspense as the girls lined up to wait for the results. The judges felt Richa should go, while the janta felt otherwise. Finally, the girls had to say goodbye to the `jhatka-matka` girl, Ankita. Among the boys, `rocker` Suhit got the thumbs down from both the judges and the janta.

Ankita Mishra

Suhit Goswain

Here are some promo pictures of Indian Idol 3 citing Javed Akthar sab, Annu Malik, Alisha Chinai and Udit Narayan.

Itz Time To Disco For Smita

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Jolly Das .... Is Back In The Gala Round.

Jolly Das... contestant of Indian Idol 2 who suffered from chicken pox last year has got a direct entry in the Gala of Indian Idol 3.

Name: Jolly Das Date of Birth: November 8, 1980
Place of Birth: Konnagar, West Bengal
Currently Residing in: Kolkata Education: Graduate in Music from Rabindra Bharati University
Family: Father, Mother & younger Brother

Jolly Das describes herself as a natural singer. She does not come from a musical family, like many other Indian Idol contestants.
She is the first-generation singer of her family and the two voices that enticed her towards singing are that of Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle.
Since childhood, Jolly loved to listen to the songs of these two great icons and sing along. This way, she was nurturing a voice along with the dream of becoming a famous singer some day.
After her performance on the school stage at the age of ten, Jolly was fully engrossed in music to the extent that even her studies started getting affected. Seeing her passion and love for music, her parents decided to allow her to pursue studies in music from the Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata from where she has graduated in music.
A self-confessed movie and television buff, Jolly also likes spending her time reading thriller novels. A very soft-hearted and soft-spoken person, Jolly idolises Lataji and admires the way she conveys each and every emotion through her songs without really saying much in person.
Indian Idol, for Jolly, is a boat that will take her to the other side of the river where success and fame await.
Jolly Das' favourite song is: Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Aayee from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Who Will Be The Top 10 Contestants ??

According to a research , most people voted against Suhit, Richa Aneja and Ankita. So guys whom do you think should be voted out ?

Meiyang Chang