Friday, January 2, 2009

Indian Idol recap: Episode 35

Aaj hamare Chang ki Shaadi hain

Chang was wearing a sehra today. Hussain told us that his co-host Chang is desperate to get married and Koi bhi ladki chalegi. But Chang corrected him and said that the girl has to have a heart of gold. Last night was the Shaadi special show. The girls were wearing beautiful traditional attires, but the hosts wore black suits. But why? Hussain told us that they were protesting the public’s decision to eliminate girls. That is quite thoughtful. Next, we had the hottest of all contestants Rajdeep Chatterjee going at Abhijit Sawant’s house to wish him for Christmas. Abhijit confessed that he liked Rajdeep’s voice the most. An overwhelmed Rajdeep thanked his favorite singer and told him that Abhijit is his inspiration. Abhijit promised that he will cheer for Rajdeep in the finals!

Rajdeep is a mama’s boy

The hot favorite Rajdeep sang Maine jise abhi abhi dekha hain from Kal Ho Na Ho. All the judges showed him green light, but Javed said that it was not his best performance. Even Kailash was not looking pleased. Sonali said she just wants to encourage him and Anu praised his efforts and said ‘you’re the find of Indian Idol.’ In the end, when the hosts asked Rajdeep’s mother about his marriage, she said that it will be completely Rajdeep’s choice. Rajdeep sang a Bengali sang for his mother and went back to the pavilion a happy man. Bhanu sang the number Kya kiya re sanam. Javed showed him the green light and praised him. but Kailash felt this was not his best performance. Anu didn’t show him any light, and asked him to work harder. There was a surprise waiting for Bhanu as the hosts got his parents on the stage. An emotional Bhanu cried buckets of tears as he introduced his parents to the audience. We should start calling him the ‘melodramatic Bhanu.’

Mohit aur Torsha : Kya jodi hain

Mohit Lalwani sang Yeh jawani, hain diwani. Javed liked his performance, so did Kailash. Sonali found him rendition smooth and fantastic. But Anu didn’t show him green or red light and told him that he was off tune at some places. Next, it was Torsha singing the romantic song Jeevan saathi hum. Torsha didn’t hear a lot of praises as Javed felt she needs to scale up. Anu shouted that there was no sur, or expression. Sonali said politely that she needs to scale up.

Prasenjit ko koi mil gaya

Prasenjit, the super talent of Indian Idol sang Koi Mil Gaya.i All the judges showed him the green light. Sonali crooned Ala re ala Prosenjit Ala. Kailash said that he likes his singing a lot. Anu said that he has proved that he is a singer today. Kapil Thapa sang ‘you’re my love.’ Javed showed him the red light. Kailash pointed out that he was off tune while Anu said that the song needed a lot of attitude, which was missing in his performance. Koi baat naheen, fauji bhai knows how to battle it out!

Saurabhi Ki Barat nikal padi

Sourabhee looked beautiful in a glittering maroon sari. She sang the typical shaadi number Sabki Baratein aai. The judges were spellbound. Anu came up the stage and declared that she was the new ‘Femal Indian Idol.’ Javed found her rendition sweet. Kailash praised her sincerity. Kuldeep chose the song Badan pe sitare lapete huye. He got mixed reaction from the judges as Anu showed him the red light and said that his ‘throw of voice’ was not romantic enough.

Bhavya spreads chandni with her melodious voice

Bhavya was dressed in a pink lehenga just like Sridevi in Chandni. She sang mere haathon mein nau-nau chudiyan hain. Javed showed her the red light, when Anu protested it. Anu said that she was good, an angry Javed said that the khara sur was missing. Even Sonali and Kailash agreed with Anu this time. It was almost going to be the battle of the judges, when in the end Javed agreed with Anu and wished Bhavya a great future. Remo sang aisa pehli baar hua hain, and as usually failed to impress the judges.


Annu and Javed clash again and this time over the verdict for Bhavya