Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Check Out Aisha's Profile

Aisha Sayed. Age : 20 years. Place : Mumbai

Judges' comments

Anu: I like your sultry voice.

Udit: Your voice is suited for western style songs.

Javed: You have a very fresh voice.

Alisha: You sur needs improving.


asma said...

i was quite shoked whn Ayseha left de show,all de judges appreciated her voice and expect her to stay in de show..she was really a gem of Indian Idol

sapam said...

i reaaly don't agree the way of voting, it make no sense for the judges. Only the anchor is enough and wait for the next day to see who got the maximum vote. Ayesha sud be the Indian Idol. She has the Potential to become in top 3.

Yash said...

even i have no belief in voting system.....
judges should take the decision
aisha was very good..
she is so cute...

Momeeza Khan said...

i think she shudnt b vote out.she was 1 ov da deserving gulz in indian idol.

Anand said...

I think the voting system is pretty bad. Sony or whatever is the broadcasting system does the SMS system just to get the money out of SMS ( its ~1 Rupee per SMS) and the wellwishers of the contestant send SO MANY SMS. So more popular you are, more SMS you are going to get and more are the chances of you.. Immaterial of your performance in front of judges!!