Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The battle rages on!

Three more dreams ended abruptly. Priyanka, Vanita & Aisha were shown the door by the janta. The judges protested Aisha's voting out, but the battle of talents is brutal. Meanwhile, the boys tried to cheer up the girls with some brilliant performances. Emon, Meiyang and Bhavin rocked the show.


k2 said...

eliminating aisha was unfair...wasnt a proper decision of the my view talented person should have modesty...richa should have got eliminated because she is too proudish about herself...she is not the right person for indian idol...

asma said...

janta has given totally wrong decision regarding aisha`s performance they should give her next chance

Hassan said...

"the best from da lot"should be judged by the best.the judges r making a mockery of themsleves by not judgeing but only passing their comments.

ASYEA was difenatly the best of da was a shocking decision.i wonder on what bases do people make their descions and i have to ask just one question from all those people who suggest that kind of voting system:ARE ALL THOSE PEOPLE CREDIABLE ENOUGH AND KNOW MORE ABOUT MUSIC THEN ALL THESE JUDGES SITTING THERE.I AM SORRY ABOUT ASYEA COZ FOR ME SHE ROCKED THE INDIAN IDOL.the indian idol has become tasteless now.feel free to contract me on: if u dont agree with me.
hasan,karachi pakistan

NILESH said...

Yeah...people voting is a big mess!
Ayesha was the best, in terms of personality, talent and confidence.

In my opinion the first one to be out should have been Richa (she is dumb ! dosent know what she wants -but she will continue coz she is a kid and cute - that is what impressed the judges and the people). The girl from UK should have been the next one to go coz she is an avg singer.

I am shocked to see the eliminations - justice gone by !

Magrooor Laila said...

yep i agree yaar ayseah was good..
but the other gurl wid glasses is also good so it was either that gurl or ayseh..