Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cops on guard to secure Prashant’s place in Idol race

Its festive mood at the Alipore Body Guard Lines today as the campus gets ready for yet another evening soiree. Its as if our cops can’t wait to see their new-found icon Prashant Tamang belt out numbers in the Indian Idol. As the night sets in, residents of the quarters and police barracks of Alipore Body Guard Lines slowly trickle down to gather in front of the giant screen that has been put up for Prashant’s performance tonight.
A resident of Darjeeling, Prashant has sung his way to the top 11 of the Indian Idol contest. And the city’s police fraternity has launched an aggressive poster campaign to stir up support for Prashant. The 24-year-old is a member of the Kolkata Police orchestra and stays at the police barracks at the Alipore Body Guard Lines.

In fact, the celebration of Prashant’s success has blurred the police hierarchy with all officers watching the show together irrespective of their designation in office. Moreover, the city’s cops are ready to recharge their cell phones to send SMS to the Indian Idol to vote for their solidarity with Prashant.
“At least 20,000 personnel of the Kolkata police force will be sending SMSs . Some people have already kept assigned Rs 500 for the purpose. Each one of us will send at least 50 messages,” said Arup Mukherjee, a Kolkata police officer.
“We pray for his success. We are proud of him. I appreciate my boys for their enthusiasm. All of us, want him to be the winner,” said Zulfiquar Hassan, additional CP, armed police.


Jim said...

Sure Prashant's good voice and look but it is Indian Idol which is like cricket. There will be lots of money poured into to create a perfect Indian Idol. I am sure politic will not allow Chang or Tamang to win at all. Lets see what their fate has for them.

BTW guys vote of either.. I think they have the best voice among all.

maryam said...

hey salaam ......u re a good singer but i wanna request you to plz convey my messege to chang to contact me plz i shall be thankful to you....em here in islamabad ,pakistan i really like chang so much ....meri har namaaz ki dua main chang hain plz tell him to contact me my id is

khuda hafiz

Anna Rai said...

Whenever i see u singing my Dil goes umumumum.... U r already our Idol Prashant.U really have a breath taking voice. Each and every Nepalese talk about u, u r our living "Hero".Our(Nepalese) Best wishes and Supports are always with u.U Rock Prashant.Im damn sure the Indian politic will definitely try yo suppress Prashant after all he is not a toal Indian. But hope for the best may be the Indian pepole will support him coz he is reallyyyyy a good singer.

bappa said...

Prasanta is a good singer.