Monday, June 18, 2007

The `Super 4` and Anu Maliik

The janta’s verdict is out. From among the seven contestants who were called back, the audience chose Ankita, Amit, Padmanav and Suhit to battle it out in the final Wild Card round. To add to excitement, a `fitter and better` Anu Maliik returned. Ankita and Padmanav rocked the show, while Amit forgot the lyrics midway. Suhit`s performance, as usual, created problems. While Alisha felt he gave a credible showing, Javed felt his singing was always flat.


Veena said...

Based on performances (singing, presentation...etc), I think Suhit wins hands only on style only. Agreed he didn't sing flat for that last performance. My take on him is that he is not Indian Idol material. If he doesn't get chucked out now, he'll get chucked out later. There's loads of better singers than him in the contest.

Amit's got a great voice. If it wasn't for that emotion of losing a friend, I think he'd definitely be the final two.

As regards the judges, I do feel that Anu tends to bully the others. Liked Javed for his honest opinion. I'd rather keep quiet about Alisha and Udit. Or maybe not. I find them just for the decor.

Of the 4 wild cards, my bet would be Ankita and Padmanav. Unless Anu votes Amit in.

Precious said...

Hey Veena, .........U r right,lets celebrate, Our Ankita is back...I love that girl, she is my favourite since beginning till todate..I just love her and Chang...they are good singers and Ankita is a good performer as well, she deserves to be there.

shabnum said...

suhit deserves to be wherehe is

Veena said...

Precious: I'm not having a favorite running in this contest. I just think that based on Ankita's performance she might stand a better chance of being voted into the final 2. But then again, who knows who the audience votes for.

Oh right! she'd be the judges favorite. Either way she's going to be in.

It's the guys who are going to have a tough time.

No offense meant Shabnum. Suhit would be great away from Indian Idol. The show talks of singing talent followed by other talents such as stage presence, presentation, style...etc. Suhit's singing talent isn't great. It'd be a shame if he does get voted in.

Babi said...

I liked the performance of Padmanav. He has shown tremendous performance eversince he has come back.

Ankita was also very good, although I didnt like her bhajan the other day. But the Parineeta song was brilliant.

Amit is a great singer. I think since Indian Idol is based on singing and performance and talent, Amit should be voted in. Although he forgot the lyrics (which is a crime at this stage of the contest) but still I feel that he should be called in.

SUHIT GOSAIN....worst of them all!!! I just dont understand why did that guy even got so far. I have lots of reservations about his credibility. He doesnt know what is singing, he only knows how to shout (thats what heavy metal music is all about). His singing is truly flat, and sometimes he loses the tempo and tends to go faster than the beat provided by the musicians. I really feel sorry for the musicians who have to bear with this idiot. I also dont understand how come Alisha Chinai is all praise for Suhit Gosain. I think this will raise question on Alisha's credibility as a singer and that how much she knows music herself. I have a strong feeling that Suhit's parents are probably very rich and they have already bought the two judges and have a great lobbying in this whole thing. I also have question about the voting system and how many votes they actually get. Because I think nobody has time to vote and its all internally done.

Having said all these I wont be surprised if Suhit Gosain gets in the final over Padmanav and Ankita and Amit. He sucks big time!!!!

shabnum said...

ok i agree that suhit might not be a better singer than the others but no offence babi you cant say that his parents bribed the judges because if they had to do that they'd rather bribe a music director and make their son become a singer. if the other s can sing better than him dun mean he cant sing.

Shaffeel said...

i agree with babi suhit man i dont know if he knows wat singing is or not. i dont believe that people can vote for such contestants and vote out once who are so good. I dont know what alisha sees in suhit or may be i should say that she only see's suhit but ignores to hear wat he is singing. javed's comment seems to me the most supportive n true on the basis of performance and singing of contestants.

any ways all the best for Ankita n Padmanav

Babi said...


Well, bribing the music directors should not be easy than bribing Alisha. I mean, compare the other singers man!! Suhit just dont know the basics, forget about songs and tunes. He doesn't have the "SUR" in his voice. I mean he totally sucks!!! Indian people are not dumb, they have musical ears and I dont think they will vote for someone like Suhit Gosain. HE SUCKS MAN!!!! JUST THROW HIM OUT OF THE COMPETITION!!! I BEG OF YOU....I cannot vote myself as I am in the United States...but you request you all to vote for the talent and not for the style. Style can be groomed into a person but talent cannot be groomed in a person. It has to be inherent. GUYS, WAKE UP!!!