Monday, June 4, 2007

Interview Of Udit Narayan

Udit Narayan is a judge in Indian Idol 3. Udit Narayan is a very familiar and popular name in India. He is one of the top male singers in Bollywood. He has sung in many Boollywood movies and many of his songs became very popular. Udit Narayan has come a long way in Bollywood from an ordinary background. So, he is perhaps the best role model for all the Indian Idol contestants.

What made you say ‘YES’ to the offer of being the judge of Indian Idol 3?

I am a very shy kind of a person and had never done any TV reality show previously though I have been singing right from childhood. When Sony TV approached me for the purpose, I took a lot of time to give them a positive answer. I finally agreed thinking that it is a good platform for budding talents.

In the earlier seasons we have seen the view of the judges being rejected by the emotional audience. Do you think the judge’s view really counts?

The judges show the people the way. We help them take a decision. Ultimately, I believe that it is people’s choice and they have every right to vote for the candidate they like.

How has the overall experience been till now?

Oh, it has been wonderful. During the selection procedure, I met people from various regions, with various tastes, with various emotional set up but with a common aspiration… that is to make it to Indian Idol 3.

Judges make fun of aspiring participants who are unable to sing well, how far is this justified?

See everyone has their own way of judging and their own way of putting things across. But I am a very emotional person. I know there are people who cannot sing well, but probably are very good at their work. But it is very difficult to tell them bluntly on their face that they are not good because all of them work equally hard and try to get in. So for me it is not an easy task. I try to be as polite as possible. It is a tough job.

Aditya, your son, is hosting Sa Re Ga Ma for Zee TV on the same days when you are on Indian Idol 3. So is this a start of professional competition between celebrity father and celebrity son?

There cannot be any professional competition between the two of us. Aditya might be a celebrity son, but he has far more talent than me. He is very brilliant. He has been singing and did draw accolades for his work right from the age of five. Then as per my wish he did complete his studies successfully too. Today, he is only 19. He has struggled a lot to reach the level he has attained today. All my good wishes and prayers are for him. I am a proud father today and want him to reach the highest peak of success.

Which do you think will get more TRP finally- Sa Re Ga Ma or Indian Idol 3?
When it comes to music lovers, they will watch both. So I do not think there will be any difference in TRP ratings

Do you think Indian Idol 3 will generate the same craze that Indian Idol 1 did?
Anything, which is started initially, draws more attention and craze and that is the reason why there was a huge rage for Indian Idol 1. But something went wrong during Indian Idol 2… I am not sure what? But somehow or the other I am confident that Indian Idol 3 will be far more successful.

Talent being chosen on the basis of SMS has always been the centre of controversy, what is your take?

I have personally not experienced something yet where I thought someone was good but the sms rating showed otherwise. I will definitely tell you once I face a situation like that.

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