Saturday, June 9, 2007

Jolly Das .... Is Back In The Gala Round.

Jolly Das... contestant of Indian Idol 2 who suffered from chicken pox last year has got a direct entry in the Gala of Indian Idol 3.

Name: Jolly Das Date of Birth: November 8, 1980
Place of Birth: Konnagar, West Bengal
Currently Residing in: Kolkata Education: Graduate in Music from Rabindra Bharati University
Family: Father, Mother & younger Brother

Jolly Das describes herself as a natural singer. She does not come from a musical family, like many other Indian Idol contestants.
She is the first-generation singer of her family and the two voices that enticed her towards singing are that of Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle.
Since childhood, Jolly loved to listen to the songs of these two great icons and sing along. This way, she was nurturing a voice along with the dream of becoming a famous singer some day.
After her performance on the school stage at the age of ten, Jolly was fully engrossed in music to the extent that even her studies started getting affected. Seeing her passion and love for music, her parents decided to allow her to pursue studies in music from the Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata from where she has graduated in music.
A self-confessed movie and television buff, Jolly also likes spending her time reading thriller novels. A very soft-hearted and soft-spoken person, Jolly idolises Lataji and admires the way she conveys each and every emotion through her songs without really saying much in person.
Indian Idol, for Jolly, is a boat that will take her to the other side of the river where success and fame await.
Jolly Das' favourite song is: Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Aayee from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.


Michy said...


I am sending this message especial from New York. I am from Darjeeling (Prasant Home Town)which I am very proud of you two for making it to the TOP 6 selections. It breaks my heart to see my own Chinese Great Performer doing so well. We all Chinese communities in New York & Canada are backing you up as I am also a Chinese born in Darjeeling (India). My generation also runs like your family (3rd generation). I like your voice, style and above all you are a very nice looking young guy. I am sure the world will support and vote for you for what you are not by judging your Color or Race. Everyone should give you the chance for your beautiful voice. We love you and we love India.

Michy said...

Prasant Bhai,

I am a especial fan of yours from New York but from your home town (Darj.) After seeing your performance and making it to the top 6. We all want to see you doing well. I am sure you or Chang will make it to Indian Idol as a title or runners-up. But keep singing with your heart and all the fans from New Yorker and around the world will support with you.

Girish said...

i am a special fan of you from new delhi and you are great singer
so i hope you will good singing
jai hind

Girish said...

Hello Cheng i am deside you are next indian idol your perfomance is good
keep it up

romesa said...

sing ver well u should be an indian idol i am mailing this comment 4rm pakistan

Hawaii said...

Dear Chang,

I love your voice. It reminds me of my mother who used to love your kind of male voices in singers. Your style is very attractive and you have a lovable personality too. Keep up the good work. Stay positive and keep singing from the heart. Take care of you health. Dont over practice so that you dont mess up your throat.
I am sure by the grace of God you will win. I will pray for you.



Anonymous said...

india idol

umesh said...

Dear Prashant,

I am posting this massage espacially for you and the mass of your fan... I am from Nepal, Really its a breakthrough........... keep it up. Daj fallow and the lovers of the music obviusly vote you more. I am the lover of the Chang's voice also....... both of you have matuared and beautiful voice for Indian Idol.... But keep singing with your heart..keeping your throat healthy through out the compitition..I am sure by the grace of God you will win. We all supporter fans are with you.

Precious said...

Hey Chang,

I am a lady from Tanzania and I am the greatest fan of urs.Unfortunately, we cant vote, we can only watch and after watching all ur performance till todate, I find you the most capable Indian Idol. I wish you all the best from deep of my heart. and remember that, all ur fans are expecting alot from you so please please do not let us down.

best of luck.

I really feel bad for Ankita...he used to be my favourite also. May Allah belss her and give her the best that she deserves.

Precious said...

Hey chang, i forgot one thing...i am a lady of 29 years, i am an indian lady born in tanzania. My family at home teases me Chinese coz of my small eyes....and now they tease me when they see u on Indian Idol "ur younger brother" heheeee.....i feel good coz i love i never fight with them.....

Dont let down ur sister from tanzania....she loves u and wishes u best of luck.....