Tuesday, June 12, 2007

TALKING POINTS: with Annu Malik

The recuperating judge will be back on Indian Idol 3 next week

What happened?

I felt a nagging pain in my chest which also shot through my left arm. I had to be hospitalised for a check. Thankfully, it isn’t a heart attack. I have been detected with an angina and was advised bed-rest. I can’t afford that, so I took a few days’ break. I have been shooting from home since the past few days. I judged after watching the recorded participants’ performances. I will be back for the wild card round.

Did you miss being on the show?

Of course, I watched it on TV. I was critically reviewing the participants’ performances even when I was watching as an audience. It also felt great to hear that everyone missed me so much in my absence.

Among all other judges, you seem to be the most vocal about your judgments.

I am not here to mollycoddle anyone. If someone hasn’t sung well, he or she has to hear the truth. At the same time, I have to shower them with praises, if it’s an excellent performance.

Why are we missing out on fights between judges?

We don’t stage any mock-fight to draw more eyeballs. Indian Idol 3 enjoys a high TRP, even without such drama. Whatever disagreement happens in the show is genuine.

Don’t you think this year’s contestants are not as good as the last two seasons’?

I don’t think so. We had heard similar criticisms even in the previous season. The best part is that we have a variety of talents in Indian Idol 3. One has to wait for the final 10 candidates who are extremely talented. The competition is getting exciting every day


Bharath said...

i feel that anu malik is damn rude n shld behave gently

Precious said...

Well, he is just very straight forward and unemotional person. He never minds what one's will go through his comment, he gives out whatever he thinks is right.

That doesnt mean people should abuse him on net...it doesnt seem wise....at least u bharath said what u think about him but i have seen some other comments on him with lot of abusing statements..that isnt cool..he is an elder person. respect should always be there...

Precious said...

I hope i have offended anybody and if i did, i am sorry.

Precious said...

sorry, i mean i havent offended anyone