Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Deepali's Take on Life after Indian Idol

Deepali, one of the popular contestants of the recently ended Musical Reality, Indian Idol talks about her life post Indian Idol.
Life after Indian Idol: Life has changed completely; I am a different person altogether now. My personality has changed for the better, I am more confident. Socially, people have started recognizing us and they love us.

Your First Stint as a Playback Singer: I sang with Emon for Annu Malekji. I don’t remember the movie name, but it was a Shakti Productions banner. It was a soft romantic song.
Your take on Annu Malek, the Music Director: We all thought that Annuji was very strict, but it was so nice working with him. He was like a father to me and Emon, we learnt a lot from him.

Friends with all? : Yes, we are all in touch. We are contenders later, but firstly, we are friends..

Any new offers in the pipeline: We are doing many shows for the channel, but nothing more as a playback singer.

Rocked the night after the finals, did you? : Yes, we all had a blast after the finals. We danced the whole night and had a blast.

Your best ever Concert performance: It has to be the concert I did with Prashant in Nepal. That was the best show, people there love Prashant a lot. It was raining badly, it was cold too, but all in the crowd danced their way thro’ the night and enjoyed. It was absolutely flashing, was a Hit Show.

Shifting base to Mumbai? : I really don’t know. I want to shift, but if I do, I will have to come with my mom. I cannot imagine of staying alone. When we are busy with shows, it is fine. Otherwise, I am totally jobless, and it hurts being alone.

Deepali, the Performer or the Singer: Deepali is a better performer now, after Indian Idol. But I can never compromise on my singing; I have always been like that. But now, I sing with lot of attitude that it really looks like a performance. This is a learning curve, so I am learning.
Your Future Plans: I want to establish myself as a playback singer, but it is a very tough route ahead. You can see many struggling to reach there. I need to work hard on my voice and singing. I think I need to prepare even harder for the next few years to reach this level.
Any Bollywood Aspirations: No, Deepali is better off as a singer. There are many who are more beautiful than me. As of now, I want to concentrate on singing.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We are friends and we will be friends: Prashant, Amit

Till the last few minutes before Prashant Tamang was declared the third Indian Idol, Amit Paul and him, the best of friends, kept holding hands. And when Prashant won the title, the happiness and joy was noticeable on Amit’s face too. I am really happy that my best friend has won the title, so what if I did not win, it has gone to the same house as he is my family, Amit told. To me both of us are winners and I would have been happy even if Amit would have won it, he has been with me since the beginning, added Prashant. Now, the doors are open, the birds are flying and the world is colourful for both of them after this dream-come-true event. While Prashant got a one-year contract with contest organisers Sony, Amit is confident that he will also get a number of opportunities. Now there is no looking back, I want to win the hearts of millions of people with the help of my talent and I hope this will happen, Amit maintained. But for Prashant there is a matter of concern: he has to take permission from his Kolkota police employers to make his passion a profession. I will go back to Kolkota and take the permission of my seniors to go on singing, he said. Prashant, a 24-year-old Kolkata constable of Nepali origin, hails from Darjeeling, while Amit, also 24, is from Shillong.The two singers have different expectations from Indian Idol-4 next year. One says it’s the best as it is and the other feels changes are required. I don’t think any change is required. Indian Idol is best as it is, said Amit. Prashant felt the contest should go to small towns too as there is a lot of talent there. Till the time they explore this they won’t find the true talent. Prashant attributed the bulk of his 70 million SMSs to his friends in the Kolkota police and to Mayor TB Rai of Mirik town in West Bengal. I am really thankful to my Kolkota police friends who encouraged me to participate in the show, he said.