Thursday, June 7, 2007

War of the Judges

It was quite an exciting show. We saw the judges fight among themselves, some unexpected evictions, and the girls give yet another round of brilliant performances. The three contestants who had to leave were the melodious Anish, the jovial Padmanav and the talented Shantanu. However, Deepali and Puja proved that there is still enough talent to go around.But there was strong debate among the judges regarding Suhit Gosain inclusion at the cost of Shantanu and Padmanav. So itz Suhit's turn now to prove himself in front of the judges.


NILESH said...

It was a very dumb decision to exclude Shantanu. That guy was the best of the lot (though he picked some songs without life in it).
Padmanav had to go.....he was very filmy and he screwed the song from Maine Pyar kiya horribly.
The other guy, Suhit Gosain was to be the one to go with Padmanav coz he too didn't do well. Also the guy who forgot the lyrics had to go. If you dont remember your words you ought to go !
But I guess the public voting system has proved to be disaster once agin (as they do in every election).
I am of an opinion that public voting should be stopped and a team of 25 to 50 (singers, musicians etc) should be called in to rate each individual (points system). I have personally stopped watching it now...its more fun to watch Sa Re Ga Ma....which will finally come to public voting.

Speed said...

Maybe people are thinking "lets vote for suhit and ruin indian idol"


kiran said...

suhit is sooooooo fit nd yeah he can sing so peepz hu tink he knt u gta tink agen.atleast da guy had guts 2 kum al da way to prove imself nd 1 day hez gna rock da hueva tinks he knt sing b4 u say neting try singing urself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!suhit u rock!mwahxxxxxxxxx

shabnum said...

kiran i totally agree wiv u girl.he may not b da bst singa der but he is da bst.nd he is gonna go really far he deserves much more than da TITLE of indian idol.coz da last 2 indian idols wer da f**k r dey. all he needs to do is work a lil bit more on his low notes