Friday, August 31, 2007

The Battle of the Famous FOUR on Indian Idol this Gala

The anxiety of who will be the next Indian Idol is rising week after week as the show has just four contestants left. The battle has already begun and to get more votes and good remarks from the judges, Amit Paul, Prashant, Ankita and Emon boast of superlative performances in the tenth Gala.
It turned out to be a treat to watch each of the contestants performing two compositions from choices made by the judges. Javed Akhtar remarked that Amit’s train on Indian Idol was on the right track and has gained the momentum, as he set the exciting tone for the evening with his song “Dil Kya Kare” from Julie. And while Amit was basking in all the praise, there sneaked a surprise guest to test his singing skills. It was none other than Tushar Kapoor and to add some fun in this exciting moment, he had a novel idea where he would enact a song and Amit would recognize and sing it for him and this turned out to be a fun session.
Prashant proved himself to be the dark horse of Indian Idol with his performance as he sang “Kuch Naa Kaho" from 1947 A Love Story and followed it up with “O mere dil ke chain”. This was a proof for his tremendous improvement week after week. Ankita was not far behind and stole the show with her two thunderous performances in Anky Baby style! Emon who has always been considered “Chota Sonu” rendered the title song of “Kal Ho Naa Ho” and his soulful singing left a deep impact on all the judges except for Javed Akhtar as he remarked that he was sounding more like Sonu. But he proved him completely wrong with his next song “Dilbar mere”, a Kishore Kumar number indicating Annu Malik's stand that Emon is a singer par excellence is indeed true.

Sharman Joshi and Kunal Kemu made their presence to add more excitement and fun with the Indian Idol participants.
Now its the time to vote for your favorite contestant. Vote n vote to your favorite contestant so that you don't lose him/her.


ramesh said...

dear ankita

for next gala song you should go with this song

film: guru

song: maiya
best of luck
ramesh n

Patricia said...

Dear Amit,
You have made Shillong rock. The frenzy is electrifying. You must see it to believe it. People are queing at the PCO in the middle of night till early morning. Thanks you for doing so well. We loved your O mera sona
Patricia Mukhim

Patricia said...

Amit you are the rock star of India and the right Indian Idol
Just sing from your heart and keep praying.

Bob said...

Dear Prashant,
Really you were uncut dimond but after yesterday gala, it seems almost polished Kohinoor. Show more confident and need to throw your voice as much as possible rest we'll do it for you.
You really made us proud.

sunkaris said...

Hello Ankita,
how r u,
ur simply superb.
im thinking tht for next gala u have to sing a song frm R.H.T.D.M and the song is ZARA ZARA........ FOR ME PLSSSSSSSSS sing ths song. And thnk u for doing well my frnd.pls sing a song frm ur heart.ok.
byeeeeeee my frnd

may god bless u,


sahil said...

hi ankita
u good singer dekhle aankhon mein plz u me email my id

Anonymous said...

I think Ankita is a good singer but she can't sing all type of songs. She can sing only selected songs like, hip hop not the melodious songs. Last time Ankit sang Suraj hua madhyam from the movie Kabhi khushi kabhi gham, she sang well but not more well than than she can sing as the song was so romantic and melodius as far as Emon is concern he is the best one of the Indian Idol-3 and I think he has to become an Indian Idol. He can sing any kind of songs.
Best of luck Emon and Ankita

Anonymous said...

Hi Ankita

Next gala round we want to listen some melodious songs like, Tum aye to aya mujhe yaad from the movie Zakhm..

best of luck

Anonymous said...

Hi Emon

You are just amazing.........
you rock in gala really. plz dont eliminiate from gala as we want to see you to become INDIAN IDOL

Best of luck

KUSHI said...



Ditssha said...

poor chang is out.....i wish he had stayed...but EMON is going to win

DEALS said...

ankita - u are too monotonous and you need to step out. the other three are far superior and versatile.

sumendra said...

HI, Amit, u no I was rushing home from guwahati to shillong and to watch ur show and I even persuaded the co passengers to skip our usuual tea break in Nongpoh (half way to Shillong )I reached out late but cud still get a glance of ur last performance but the streets in shillong were lit up so bright to keep voting for u. u rock and take care, keep singing as u do, my votes will keep reaching u,they r precious and precious things keep shining and dont worry u shall shine and bring some sunshine wit u.The reason that u r in the danger zone is just another form of bad weather,good weather is ahead and u wil surely endure it wit pleasure.It pays to dare all. My best wishes to u.
Sumendra Nongkynrih, Shillong.

adee said...

hey ankita
u r my role model
i loveee ur singing .ur style n ur looks
u r a born talent
no pro u didnot go till the end but for me u r my star
n u will succed in wht ever u do
my prayers r always wit u

MAdi said...

ankita u r myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy jan plzzzz contect me my mail addrs is
i realy like ur songz u always rock us
ur the best my dear ankita
ur my indian idol

Vip said...

Dear Amit

You are the best singer and have the most appealing voice of all last four remaining singers. Elimination of Chang was a very rude shock to me. His voice was very very good and he was an excellent performer. You will be the Indian Idol, I have no doubt.

WE will pray for you.

Vipin and Renu

@@mir said...

MR. Javed is very harsh to EMON, by commenting that he is niether a successful play back singer and nor a stage performer. This shows his absolute biasness toward ankita, although there is no competition of Emon and Ankita.
Javed sahab yeh woh he EMON hai jiss ko app top 11 ma gud gud kah kar lai hai. Or you never say that he is copying SONU, but just afer knowing that EMON likes SONU, Javed sahab starting his blush comment on him....sorry but we dont like this Mr. Javed

@@mir said...

dear Emon.

u r the rock star man, i really love u, ur voice is non comparable, at age of 17 u are such a mature singer backed with absolute quality of SURS, u sang the melodious and fanatstic songs during the GALA's. as compared to Emit and Parshan u are absolute fanatastic because u r very young than both of them. At the age of 17 u r so godyest, Javed SB. should have to realize what type of bomb u r at the age of 23. my God.........

@@mir said...


Nithyanand said...


hardboy said...

Elemination of Ankita is very big loss of indian film industries.
after few time she would be challanged to any great female singer. i m totally disoppointed with this result of indian generation. all the votors has gave their vote on behalf of looking face.

glad said...

Dear judges,

Please do not discourage the young talents. Me nd my friends are really pained by the comments made by Javeed Sahab towards Emon.

Emon has a great voice and he must be encouraged rather than comparing with others. Please stop having soft corners for performers. This is a singing contest and give imporance to singing pls.....

Sadaain said...

HI Dear Ankita
i m so sorry about what happend on saturday i am very disappointed by that !
But i m glad that u dident show ur fear like Chang did i like u for ur that confidence looks like u r a singer by birth u have the talent that no body occures but judges & thier comments made me feel sorry.
That is not fair to disappoint some body like this.
its a shame that our generation lost a great singer
but dont let it go ok
its not only my comment but my family members and friends are also in these words that i wrote u

hey ankita jee i want to know that
when am i going to see ur albem
it is going to be great huh?

Asgher Ali frome Pakistan
plz mail me on this

With loves
see u soon

black_haridwar said...

hi ankita u did good in indian idol but due to less voting u were

jaspreet said...

dear ankita
i have been watching this show since beginning and i really like ur singing and performance. please don't dissappoint because very soon u r going tobe a famous singer.wish u good luck in your future.