Friday, August 3, 2007

Girls Are Back With A Bang

Today's gala was absolutely fantastic. Todays theme was folk and the show started with Emon. Emon gave a rocking start to the gala. He is improving day by day and as Anuji said Emon is his playback singer. Prashant was next to Emon. Even Prashant who was not performing well for the last two to three galas fight back and perform superbly. The girls is now reduced to 3 from 7 . The girls were quitting one by one except for the last gala. But this time all the three was outstanding. But Abishek fail to impress the judges and Amit once again forgot the lyrics. Although Javed Akhtar and Anuji praised him, Amit knew that it was not a flawless singing.
Chang, today was looking as cute as his song. He was fantastic in this gala. Now itz the time to vote. VOTE....VOTE 'N VOTE to save your favorite contestants.


swt lil angel said...

go gyls ur da bst
al da gyls r da bst hard 2 choose
buh hope u 3 r da top 3
doesnt mata if gyls r only 3 n boys r more slowly boys wil reduce n a gyl wil b an indian idol
go gyls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

censored said...

the girls were fabulous really
they have shown what they r n thnx god that this times the girls were not chosen to be vote out. but abhi was not the person to be out

MAdi said...

ankita u rock baby i think ankita is best no no most bestest she is only one , jis ka leya mian indian idol dykhta hon she is my indian idol
anika i wish main aap sy mil sakon kabhi