Sunday, August 12, 2007

On the sets : “It was the most shocking moment of my life” -- says Deepali

A few minutes after her elimination, Deepali woke up to the fact that this was a final farewell. Her fans were heartbroken, so were the judges who had always favoured this multi-talented girl. But the aspiring RJ stood tall, trusting in her abilities. Ready to make a mark in media, Deepali vowed to come back with a bang!

How did you feel when you heard you were eliminated?

I couldn’t believe it. I simply couldn’t because my performance was very good, much better than the other contestants. When they announced my name I was dumbfounded. The voting system is so unpredictable that it is important for us to be prepared for any kind of verdict. In fact, I thought it would either be Puja or Ankita, whose performances were not good in the last Gala. But then you can’t do anything about destiny.

Who do you think will be among the top three?

Amit will definitely be there till the end. He will most probably become the Indian Idol. The other two people who will be in the Top 3 will be Emon and Chang.

Will you miss Meiyang Chang?
Chang is a dear friend. There was nothing between us. The media created it all. It’s always interesting to have some kind of romantic story in a competition like this. People like talking about those who are in the limelight. I request you to please let the rest of the contestants perform in peace. Don’t bother them with such rumours.

Who is responsible for you going out—the janta or the judges?
I have no grudges against anyone. No one is responsible for this. This was my destiny. My fans have been with me throughout. They’ve been voting for me right from the beginning. I guess in the end they didn’t know how many votes were needed. I thank them wholeheartedly.

What are your plans for the future? Do you still want to be an RJ?
Definitely. I am planning to shift to Mumbai soon and study Mass Communication. I want to the join media. I want to pursue a career in music, too, and want to work real hard for it. This is not the end for me, this is just a beginning.

You are a celebrity today. Who would you thank for this achievement?
I would just like to thank my mother and father for everything that I’ve achieved today. They pushed me for the Indian Idol auditions. And then there was no looking back.

What is the reaction of your parents?

I haven’t met my parents yet. I know they’re heartbroken because they wanted to see me as the Indian Idol.
Any regrets? Do you think you should have worked harder?
No matter how much we work, it is never enough. I definitely think that I could have done better. And, from now on, I will make sure that I give my best in everything I do.

Any message for your fans?
I just want to thank everybody who voted for me. I am overwhelmed by their love and support. I am grateful to them that they gave me this platform to sing. I have made my mark in the hearts of the people, now I have to take it forward.


sara said...

Deepali dear I am heartbroken.I loved your voice as well as your personality and loved watching indian idol but now I have no faith in this programme.I dont understant whats the criteria of good singer for people.You are such a strong person of a beautiful voice.I wish you luck in every walk of life.

divya said...

Hi are one of my favorite singer in indian idol...i thought you will be the indian idol.....dont worry but you will be at the top most position in you a singer i love u....all the best ...take care....bye.....miss u.

Priyantha De Silva said...

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shoil said...


kinkini said...

Here's a beautifull msg 4 u:
When I found dffrenc btwn u & moon I was able 2 find only 1 dffrenc that moon revolves around the earth but the earth revolves around u.
2nd msg 4 u:
I want 2 go 2 a nice resturant with u & want 2 've candle light dinner & say 3 sweet words 2 u:

alkagarg said...

Hi, deepali,
am too frm Patna Womens College and when i saw u on indian idol.......i was thrilled. believ me you actually didnt deserve to go so son. all the best for future

Chauhan said...

Hi Chang & Prashant
u r rocking 2007 indian idol....
u r my favourite singer.. only u r the right contestants...

rock the world
Best of luck

Rakesh Chauhan