Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bye Hawa Hawaii

Nobody really cried for Puja, or at least not on camera. The camera tried real hard to capture Emon's look, but he wasn't crying just smiling and being supportive. I guess he dried all his tears after Deepali's departure. So, we have a short look at Puja's journey. Her best moments on Idol, "Ek pyaar ka nagma"--her best song, in her opinion. Finally, she is in tears and wishes the contestants all the best and apologizes to her dad for not being able to live up to the challenge. Awww Puja, it's not your fault. You did your best. Alisha noted how contestants that sing well get eliminated. Good point, Alisha, though I have the theory behind it: If you sing well, then your fans get complacent. They feel she/he is somehow going to make it. So, they don't vote as obsessively and the fans of those who are predicted to be in danger, double up their votes---voila, the "good singer" loses out and is evicted. Puja leaves with her signature song from Mr. India--Hawa Hawaii.
Next week, Disco Fever round in the Galas!


Ashita said...

I did get quite upset when No one reacted after Puja was out. And What the author said about how the fans think that somehow their favourite will make it by lots of votes but they Don't.I think that is very true.x so i think the fans should vote incase because I dont like how the best singers are getting out. x

Sehr said...

puja u are very sweet girl ur better tahn prasahant and anki baby.....soo ur a winner in true sense.....my whole family likes u alot .......keep singing and always smile....:)

simran said...

truely speaking i really felt bad when puja and deepali left.they were such good singers with melodious voice.As per me i really feel Indian Idol should change their way of judgement.It should be that the last 10 contestants should be then voted by the judges and not the people.As the layman doesnt know wht is music,they just vote only for their contestant either bcoz they r their family members,friends,or they have charming luks.I personaaly feel this should be implemented for an ideal indian idol.