Monday, August 20, 2007

‘Singing before Sonu Nigam was a Dream Come True for me’ – Emon

Emon Chatterjee is a multi-talented contestant of Indian Idol. He touches one's heart with his songs, his mimics make everyone laugh and when he takes his guitar to play, the listeners never fail to get involved into his tunes. This seventeen year old believes that he can make people happy with his songs. At this young age, he has a Bengali album to his credit and also has sung in local TV Channels. He brings a magical atmosphere on the sets with his performance and is considered to be the fore- runner in this contest.

How has Indian Idol platform been beneficial in your career?

Emon: Yes, without this platform, my journey to Mumbai might have taken another 2-3 years. It’s a honor to be standing right before Sonu Nigam and singing in front of Greats like Javedji, Uditji and AnnuJi. This experience has taught me so many things, which I will remember forever.

Who is the best judge according to you?

Emon: Sonu Nigam!! My God! It was a dream come true for me as I sang before him. It was my happiest day, but I feel sad that he was not a permanent judge this year. Even then, those moments were great for me.

Have you had any professional training in classical music?

Emon: Yes, I have been learning it for the past 1 year now.

Do you think it is beneficial to be a trained singer?

Emon: Definitely, you always get an edge when you learn music. With this background, you are ready to sing any type of song, and that is one reason why Sonu Nigam is my Idol. He is a living example for aspiring singers; he has sung every sort of song. Extraordinary!!Everyone including the Great Kishore Kumar had a basic training. Singing for such a long time needs training of course.

If you get an opportunity to bring back one contestant eliminated - who would it be?

Emon: Deepali … I don’t want to recall that evening, it was so sad… It was just shocking and depressing to me. She was my best friend ever. I have started missing her a lot now.

You are in Bottom 3 for the past two weeks, what do you think is your chance of becoming Indian Idol?

Emon: I am motivating myself to do better. All that matters is good singing. I want to be a good playback singer, so my focus is on singing. I don’t worry about performance on stage as I know that a playback singer just needs to sing in the studio and he need not have a basic training in dancing. Whatever happens here, I will surely concentrate on my singing and will carry on like this forever.


kinkini said...

Emon u r superb.No words 2 explan u.
1st msg for u:
When I found difference between u & moon, I was able 2 found only 1 difference that the moon revolves around the earth but the earth revolves around u.
2nd msg 4 u:
I want 2 go 2 a nice resturant with u & 've a candle light dinner & say those 3 sweet words 2 u:

monica said...

emon u r simply superb......excellent....i want u only to be the indian idol..and be a star in the world

iffat said...

hey emon baby this is Iffat Majeed from Pakistan .... u r simply superb......excellent....i want u only to be the indian idol..and be a star in the world ..... u know wat i was the big big big big big big fan of Sonu but now i m yours biggest fan you are swimply the best Jitey rahoo khush rahoo khoob naam kamaoo or bohat chamkooo lvu Iffat.

Priyantha De Silva said...

“Compared to Deepali and me, Ankita is nothing!” - PUJA

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Sehr said...

emon at times u act really fake.....javed akhtar is right stop copying soNU

aditi said...

Hello Emon I Love You. you are my all time favourite. i can't live without you. you are my love. i like your smile, singing, style, your talks everything. on which day you out i did not ate food that day. and i wept so much. i Love You, take care

your lover

s.j.simon said...

Didn't realize how many songs Sonu has sung in his career. I am a big fan. I found this great site that has tons of songs sung by him. Enjoy!

sager said...

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