Thursday, August 16, 2007

Alisha vs Anu

It seems that the battle of the Titans will go on until we find our Indian Idol. Anu and Alisha fought over a trivial issue again. The argument
was about what was more important—100% singing or 50% stage performance. Anu backed Ankita by saying that she was 50% a singer and 50% a performer and that it made her more competitive as a contestant. Alisha argued that as a contestant on Indian Idol, one had to be a 100% singer. Like Deepali, who was the most talented among the girls. Javed, too, pointed out that singing was the single most important criterion

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Aruna said...

Anu Malik is a highly gender biased person. Remember how he had once labeled Smita Adhikari's personality as "depressing"? Look at the rude manner in which he cuts Alisha each time she expresses her opinion as a Judge (especially if her judgement is not parrallel to his own). There have been numerous occasions when Anu's opinions have not matched with those of Udit Narayan or Javed Saab. But Anu is careful when he contradicts them. However, with Alisha, his behavior is completely different. If Anu as a judge has the right to express his opinion, so does Alisha. Such rude and gender biased behaviour is unacceptable and the show organizers must stop perpetuating all this, especially since Indian Idol speaks volumes about the nation's tastes, the choice of its Janta, and even reflects the culture of our country. There are people across the globe who watch this show and such bad behaviour on the part of Anu Malik can send shockingly negative vibes about this program as well as the nation...