Monday, July 9, 2007

Wow !! Is This Smita ? Can't Believe It !

“Is this me? Or someone else?” exclaimed an ecstatic Smita. We couldn’t take our eyes off her. Nor could Anu Maliik, the person who once said that she has a depressing personality. Smita got a makeover and looked stunning in a dress specially designed for her by Nita Lulla. The black sequined outfit complimented her new hairstyle and makeup. As Mini called her up on stage, Smita said in a choked voice that she had never thought she could look this good. Even Anu said, “Aaj makeover dekhke lagta hain you are very impressive.” Great going girl!
Smita Adhikari, whose father though being a musician couldn’t make it. When Smita started to sing, Oh My Dear God! it was simply fantastic, none express the meaning of the words of the lyrics so beautifully. In her performance, she actually lived the words, if it makes any sense! She was faboulous!

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xpikon said...

yes this is Smita n she proves herself in this week's gala