Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Makeover didn`t work for Smita

The judges felt Smita had performed the song Salaam e ishq meri jaan quite well on Friday. Going by performance, they felt Parleen should be out. Only Udit vouched for Parleen, calling him a complete performer. Anu said that after her makeover, Smita had become a complete performer, who looked and felt confident as she sang. But it seemed the janta liked the good old Smita more.
The crybaby didn`t cry this time: The result was declared finally. Smita was out of the race. Anu was furious because it seemed to him the janta had supported her when she sang badly, but when she gave a stunning performance, they kicked her out.
Everybody was surprised that the crybaby, who usually shed tears at the drop of a hat, did not tear up. She was quite brave as she sang one of her father’s compositions. Smita finally allowed herself to cry when she hugged everyone and said goodbye.


xpikon said...

wrong decision. n y she cry she know that indian ppl didnt take the right decision n she is actually the winner of the show n Parleen should be out in next gala.

wannas said...

i think it was right descion from the public because Parllen is the better singer and the perfomer too and Prleen voice is better then smita and i aslo think that Parleen sing well that day
wannas u.k

seher said...

Samita got a lovely voice and Annu Malik was quite right in saying that she sang "Salam-e-Ishq" very beautifully, which is not an easy song to sing. i think if it is about singing than Charu and Parleen should be out and if it is about looks, style and performace only then we could have the next Indian Idol out of these two contestant

sunshine said...

yah in this case i agree wiht anu mallik. i feel smita is one of the best contestants who need to be there in indian idol for some longer time. the audience have done unfair to her.

Asim said...

This was shocking. Actually Smita was being targeted right from the beginning inspite of her mind blowing performanes. Her immaculate sweet voice was given a standing ovation by the best Judge Javed Akhtar. Howebver the damage was done, since this competition has been made a farce by Junta votes only ,most of whom are voting en masse for their favorite artist on the basis of area, province, district rather than theit musical talents. It is really a disastarous Musical programme & considered to be the worst amongst the ongoing musical performances.