Saturday, July 14, 2007

Smita Adhikary Bids Adieu To Indian Idol

Another fun-filled round ended in a teary elimination. This time three contestants were in danger—Charu, Parleen & Smita. Although Emon was criticised by Anu, he was safe. While Anu, Javed & Alisha felt Parleen would be voted out, Udit named Smita. And he was proved right! The `cry baby` took the bad news surprisingly well. She maintained her composure while she sang her final song—one of her father’s compositions.


xpikon said...

wht a bogus decision that was. I think that stupid fellow(Parleen) should say that this is the wrong decision. in next for after next parleen would definately out of the show.

thx for Anu to appreciate Smita bcoz she truly deserve this.

Precious said...

Well, it was really painful to see Smita going but that is bound to be...One had to go and tomorrow anyone else will go...though it is really difficult to see your favourite taking off or a person like Smita leaving.

May God bless you Smita wherever u go and in whatever u do.

prince said...

smita is a good singer ,i can,t belive why public are not support to her what is this? indian peoples are only search a model not singer and now they got it (like abhijeet ,not amit sana ,again sandip,everybody is wrong selection ).this time also i expect another wrong judgement.this is india and they are indian ????????

Ruchira said...

Public should bring back Smita to Indian Idol stage because she is a real singer.We want Smita back.

sam said...

It was sad very sad to know that u were voted out.But,never mind destiny dosen't ends here.You will shine ond day and that day will come soon in ur life.Hard work's bring result positively and it will.
Bye best of luck in ur future.