Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shabana steals show on Indian Idol

The theme of the third gala round in Indian Idol is celebrity performance. Appearing in their glamourous best, the contestants are all set to look like stars themselves. They have to perform songs of their favourite stars. Shabana Azmi judged the contestants this time. She came, witnessed and conquered all with her expert comments as a celebrity judge on Indian Idol. What could have been an opportunity to see great interaction between Shabana and hubby Javed Akhtar was not to be, as Javedsaab was out of town. He chose Hillary Clinton's company instead and flew off to be in San Francisco to attend a conference where he was invited as a speaker. He was sorely missed, though. Abhishek opened the gala round with a rocking performance with his namesake's hit song Dus bahane karke le gaye dil, that inspired Anu Malik to start rhyming again. Inspired by him, all others gave their best performances too. The show started with a bang and ended with thunderous applause for Amit Paul who outdid himself with his performance Yeh pyaar ka nasha haiĆ¢€¦ from the Aamir Khan starrer, Mann. Shabana Azmi was a perfect judge. She pointed out the flaws in the contestants' singing, she had encouraging words when they faltered, and she praised them wholeheartedly when they did well. She thought Charu has the potential of being a star singer, while Amit's singing had the precision of a surgeon's scalpel! She even joined Alisha to pick up cudgels on behalf of Emon when Anu Malik ticked off the youngster. Needless to say, Shabana had the last word! The show had some young guests too. Special invitees on the show were children supported by the NGO group Aakanksha. It was a treat for the underprivileged kids who had just passed their exams. There is a treat for viewers too. There's Smita after her glamourous makeover, singing with even greater confidence. And Chang looking like a million bucks.

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sunshine said...

i really appreciated the way Shabana Azmi commented on the show. she is a woman with a good sense of judgement. her comments were outstanding among the other three judges.