Sunday, July 8, 2007

Jolly Das is out!

The show started with guests from Pakistan who crossed the border to meet the finalists. The contestants welcomed them with a song. But the mother of all surprises was Smita’s makeover. She looked stunning.Soon things took a serious turn--Jolly, Smita, Deepali & Emon were in the bottom 4. While the contestants voted against Smita, the judges felt Jolly should be out. The public sided with the judges and voted out Jolly Das.
The girl who had got a second chance had finally run out of luck. She looked pale, yet in control of her emotions. She sang her farewell song, Dekhlo hum ko karib se, and all the contestants came up on stage to bid her goodbye. Thus ended yet another round of the Galas. Only 11 contestants are left now.


Dr.Samreen said...

i think jolly has a good voice, her voice quality is far superior then the other contestants...i think smita has to be out instead of jolly.. may be jolly do not made place in the viewer's of indian idol 3... any ways jolly when one door closes, other is opened.. good luck for future

xpikon said...

Well may b u wont believe on me but its true that b4 watching their performance I assumed that in this Gala Jolly would left the show and I was right.

Bad Luck Jolly really Bad Luck

Rohinish said...

Hi, my name is Raj and i am from Lagos based, married.
I watch Indian Idol on regular basis, my fav contestant is Deepali & Pooja ( I like pooja very much, coz of her cute smile...hey is it Emon whose burning from don't worry) and my wife's (Sonal) fav cont. is Chang..she freeks on him.
I just want to tell you all guys that deaf. you all rocks. my regards and best wishes for all of the final contestant and if you guys are out of the Gala round, don't worry, world is not over for you, you will start making your carrer.

I request you, to just call out this meassge in the show.
Could you also let me know when will you telecast the same.

Raj Shah.

abhinav said...

i think deepali shold was not in bottom 4. because she having a lot of talent and excellent voice

Precious said...

Well, Jolly its really pity seeing u off but one thing, when you sang the last song only (last performace), i felt like u were already out. U chose a song which doesnt suit u and it wasnt familiar to anyone...all were thinking, "what is she singing" and the other contestants also were surprised and looking at each other, especially deepali. hehee, its not her fault, even i didnt know what the song was and from which movie.....

Anyway, my best wishes are always with u...may u get better opportunity.


Precious said...

Hey forgot to tell u one thing Jolly, Ur voice quality is superb.

sameer said...


sameer said...

helloo all My name is Sameer hassan and im from pakistan: im a fan of indian idol, i think jolly was gud when she sang bairi piya from devdas and she shuld not be out before smita adhikari why didn't they out the chaaru or perlin im a big fan of alisha ji but i dont know why alisha always got problem with jollydas ifelt that jolly was gud enough now ankita is favourite all over here, plz dont let her get out from the indion idol i must say she has something to be indian idol: Jolly Good luck u have gud voice u must be somewhere up than the other contestants God Bless You