Saturday, November 1, 2008

Indian Idol recap: Episode 15

The show started off with the contestants moving to Om Shanthi Om with hosts Hussain and Chang. Kuldeep''s performance followed this jig but it failed to maintain the excitement generated by the dance. The judges felt it was a lukewarm performance.

Prasenjit adds the zing

Prasenjit brought back the zest with his performance. His dance routine made his performance a bigger hit. Hussain soon revealed that his moves weren''t his own alone but he taught the girls a couple of steps as well. At this, the girls joined him on stage to shake a leg.

A special Diwali

Diwali mood was still in. A snippet of the contestants’ celebrations revealed that they spent the day in a meaningful way with orphaned kids. The show then moved on with Roshan''s Dard-e-Disco. The judges were taken aback by his brilliant performance. He was a huge hit.

The fantastic performers

Rajdeep bettered his previous performance. Sonali was thrilled and thanked him for setting high standards on the show. This stellar performance was followed by Mohit''s. He too wowed the judges and enthralled the audience with his dance moves.

The disappointments of the evening

Sandeep who mesemerised judges on Piano Round 3, disappointed this time. The judges felt it was his overconfidence. Remo followed with his dismal performance. The judges stressed on hard work. The only highlight for him on stage was the towel dance he did along with Hussain to the song he sang. The disappointments kept rolling in with Keshav''s dismal performance and Kapil''s copycat Kumar Sanu voice.

The star of the show

And then there was reprieve with Bhanu''s performance dubbed as the ''performance of the night''. He was the winner of the special prize - a silver coin.