Sunday, September 30, 2007

'My world has changed overnight' --- Prashant Tamang

He's tired and excited simultaneously. He's extremely eager to go back home and meet his friends and family. The 24-year-old is yet to come out of the dream run that has just ended a few days ago.

Are you relieved?

Quite. I can't believe that from a nobody I‘ve suddenly become note worthy. My world has changed overnight. I am stunned to see that so many people gathered outside the airport to see me.

Aren't you a star now?

If I am, I owe it to all those who voted for me. I can't stop thanking them. There are quite a few people in Darjeeling and Kolkata who are special to me. I would like to meet and thank them.

You mean your colleagues in the Kolkata police department?

Yes. I know how aggressively they have campaigned for me. My seniors too who have given me so much love.

What about the celebrations back home in Darjeeling?

I heard that a holiday has been declared there and people burst crackers all night. I'm happy that I could make their dream come true.

Weren't you under pressure till you were declared the winner? Who wouldn't have been under pressure?

I would be lying between my teeth if I said I wasn't. But more than myself, I
was concerned about my mother. I could see her tense face in the crowd and knew that if I didn't win her dreams of seeing me as a singer would be shattered. Fortunately, nothing went wrong.

Didn't the announcement shatter Amit Paul's dreams?

That upsets me. I would have been equally happy if he had won. We have both got a platform. It will help us in the future. Everyone likes to win. Amit and I had become very close friends. We will continue to be.. the show's result will not affect us.

Any plans to become a professional singer now?

Definitely. So far the votes have done miracles for me. But now it's up to me and I won't let the chance slip away. I would love to sing in films too apart from the album.

What about your job with the Kolkata police?

I haven't decided yet. I have won only a few days ago. The euphoria is still there. But I am confident that my superiors will help and support me in making my dreams come true.. just the way they have been helpful so far.

Will you quit your job?

I have left that to fate.

When will you go back to Kolkata?

I want to come right now.. but I can't say when will I be able to make it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Should the format of Indian Idol need to be changed?

After five months of hard work, music and fun, finally the wait for next Indian Idol came to an end and the title of Indian Idol 3 was bagged by the Sepoi Prashant Tamang. But it has raised a question that "Should the format of Indian Idol need to be changed?" among most of the viewers.
The procedure for the selection of an Indian Idol is similar to the selection of American Idol in the United States. I truly feel that the Idol format is not working in our country. In US where the Idol movement started, the majority of the people talk the same language, share the same food habit and mostly belong to the same religion. Their voting pattern to some extent are unbiased, but look what is happening in India. Indians are voting in favor of their state,religion completely overlooking the talent of the participants.
It is also important that SET publish all relevant information regarding voting, especially when tens of millions of people paid to cast their votes. The declaration should include a complete breakdown of the vote distribution by state and region, along with a complete listing (location, date, IP address etc.) of the single sources of votes exceeding 1,000. This disclosure would make the system transparent and would increase the public confidence in future high-profile contests
like these. At this time, I am interested in knowing how many of those seven crore votes actually originated from the sepoys of the police forces and the jawans of the armed services and how many from the rest of the voters!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Prashant Tamang is Bharat Ki Shaan, The Indian Idol 3

Hailing from Darjeeling, Prashant has now become the Boy Next door, as he has managed to walk into the hearts of the people of India, with his lively songs. John Abraham declared the name of the winner at a glittering function in New Delhi. An ecstatic Prashant hugged his parents and thanked the Kolkata Police, judges and his fans as he accepted the prize--a one-crore music contract and a Maruti SX car. After months of hard work, perseverance and dedication, the 24 year old Prashant Tamang reached to the winning title in grand style. From being a part of the police force in Kolkata, to being the youth icon of the country, Prashant surely has come a long way. With a total of 7 crore votes that came in, Prashant Tamag got away with the maximim votes.
The runner up of third season on Indian Idol was the young heart throb of millions - Amit Paul. Amit not only managed to make it to the top 2, with the wild card entry, but was also chosen as the Brand Ambassador of Meghalaya during his journey in Indian Idol. Along with Prashant Tamag, Amit Paul too was gifted a brand new Maruti S4 car, for his brilliant performance. Both the contestants were gifted a Sony Erricson mobile phone, apart from the love and fame that they recieved over the last three months from people all over the world. We wish the lucky winner - Prashant Tamang a hearty congratulations, and wish Amit the very best for future.

Prashant Tamang -- Bharat Ke Shan

Prashant, the boy from Darjeeling and constable of Kolkata has been crowned the Indian Idol 3.People of Darjeeling and Kolkata Police are overwhelmed with joy after their own boy is crowned the title Of Indian Idol 3.7 crores Votes were casted in favor of two contestant which is a new record.People were raining votes in favor of their favorite contestants. But as you all know only One will be the winner of this show... so Amit was left out for a few votes. It's was a tough luck for Amit. But nevertheless it's time for cheer for Prashant.

The Countdown Begins to Crowning Bharat Ki Shaan

As pulse rates get higher, and time ticks by, the whole Nation is gearing up to witness the Indian Idol Grand Finale Tonight. So Are You All ready for the Finale??
The Final Countdown has Begun and we are just a few hours away from crowning our new Bharat Ki Shaan...The Indian Idol Finalists Prashant Tamang and Amit Paul are just one step away from reaching the pinnacle of Success, as their fate will be written tonight in the Grand Finale. Whatever the result be, the whole Nation has fallen flat for these two Future Rock stars and Singing Sensations! On the eve of the Grand Finale, Amit Paul and Prashant Tamang savoured the dream-opportunity of meeting the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh at his office. The small-town boys who have become the Nation's Pride now, were believed to be overjoyed with this interaction. Back in their hometowns, the tension associated with the Grand Finale seems to have peaked to no end, as the voting lines close at 6 in the evening today.
Indian Idol is surely going to have one nail-biting finish, with the whole Nation rooting for both Amit Paul and Prashant Tamang. Well, as time ticks by, the Music Lovers all across the Globe have only one common prayer to say – May the Best Talent Win!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Countdown begins for Indian Idol

The countdown has began in the northeast for today's final of the Indian Idol singing contest with two finalists -Darjeeling-born Prashant Tamang and Meghalaya's Amit Paul - getting an overwhelming response from people of the region. Tamang, declared a brand ambassador by the Sikkim goverment, has received support from several associations of journalists, taxi drivers, tribal youths and businessmen as well as ministers and MLAs. Huge banners and hoardings have been put up across Sikkim that hail the young singer as the "glory of the hills". His mother has toured different parts of the state to make emotional appeals to people to vote for him on the reality show. GNLF chief Subash Ghising, AIGL Chairman Madan Tamang and CPI-M MP Suraj Pathak have also campaigned for Tamang in the Darjeeling Hills. In Meghalaya, the telecom department has assured people that they will not face any line congestion during the show featuring local lad Paul. A car rally was organised in Guwahati today to mobilise support for him. Several other functions were also organised in the past few days to garner support for Paul, who hails from Meghalaya's capital Shillong.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Kolkata is taken by storm

It was a never before musical night at Kolkata. Amit and Prashant looked as excited The crowd kept on cheering them. Amit and Prashant sang one after another. Both of them were looking great and performed superbly. A sweet Bengali girl came up the stage and asked Amit out for a date. Amit blushed like a boy! Soon, glittering stars like Usha Uthup, Anu Maliik, Mona Singh and finally Zubin Garg came to boost them up. Usha sang Saiyoni and Hari om Hari with them. Zubin sang Ya Ali with both the finalists. The show ended with some great performances by cool duos.

Public Voting in Reality Shows - Boon or Bane?

As the jungs between contestants in our favourite musical reality shows are growing nearer, we, as the viewers, are clinging onto our seats, in utter anxiousness to see if our winner will come to the end. How can we assure that our favourite will make it to the top? Well, if you've got no mobile or cell phone, you're pretty much out of luck. For years together now, the basis of voting in music shows have been us, the janta. We make the final decision of who wins the title and who doesn't - but is this fair?Tears fall from our eyes when we see our favourite contesants get eliminated from a show and lose their chance of becoming India's next voice. This gives the incentive for viewers to not blame themselves, but rather, the channel. Whose fault is this?Channel heads will blame it on the public voters - after all, it's use who send hundreds of SMS messages everyday to keep our favourites at the top, but when we see them go, who do we blame? The last resort is to blame the format of the musical reality shows, where this question arises - should we continue to have public voting as the final decision maker for the shows? If talented contestants are getting ousted out each week, then should the judges have the final say in who goes and who stays? What should be the actual format for these shows?We cannot decide ourselves, but we can surely think. Is public voting the way to go? Are we able to trust our janta to the fullest and make sure that talent wins over everything else, or must the judges and other important factors be forced to play a key role as well?

Monday, September 17, 2007

AMIT VS PRASHANT ? Who Will Win The Crown!!


This struggling singer had given up his studies to pursue his passion. When the chance to participate in Indian Idol came along, Amit Paul thought it was a godsend. But his dreams seemed to be in danger of dying even before they matured. He was voted out early in the show.
But he got a second lease of life through a wild card entry. And there has been no looking back since. This perfectionist is now in the finals. Will the `find of Indian Idol`, as the judges call him, be crowned the winner.


The police is all about duty, force and action. Not an ambience that nurtures a singer. But this sepoy beat all odds (no formal training in music is a huge factor) to make it to the Indian Idol stage. The first Nepali to ever take part, Prashant Tamang soon had everyone wrapped around his little finger. His fans were so enthusiastic in voting for him that he has never been in the danger zone till date. Negative comments from the judges only spurred him on to do better. Now he has proven his worth and he is in the Top 2.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

“I want to rule the music industry” - EMON CHATTERJEE

When the heartbeat of Indian Idol, Emon is eliminated everybody including Mini and Anu Maliik, cried for him but he did not shed a single tear. He came across as a brave soldier, who is ready to take the Indian film industry by storm.

You seem to have taken the verdict quite sportingly. Or are you hiding your disappointment?

I am not hiding anything. Definitely I am sad that I’ve to leave now. But it`s ok… it is a part of the game. It could have been anyone’s turn this time. It could have been Prashant bhaiya or it could have been me. Now I’ll go out of here, practice hard and become the best singer. I promise that to those who voted for me.

Did you expect it?

I did expect it today. We have come to a stage in the contest when anyone can be eliminated. It could have been Amit or Prashant, too. If I was shocked then I would have cried a lot and said ‘I don’t want to go’. I didn’t say a single word. Today was my turn to go… it’s that simple.

Does this verdict prove that Prashant and Amit are better singers than you?
Won’t say better singers… but it is for sure that my training helped me a lot in my good singing, while Prashant bhaiya has never received training… still he sings well. This is a huge thing. Apart from this, he is a very good human being.
About Amit bhaiya, from day one I said that he has the talent to be the Indian Idol. He is original. No one ever said that he imitates anyone and he consistently gave good performance. He is an able candidate to be the Indian Idol.

Do you imitate Sonu Nigam consciously or it is just a coincident?

Absolutely not. I never consciously imitate him. And I don’t believe I sound like Sonu Nigam at all. Two people can be similar in looks and voice… it can happen everywhere. It is just a coincidence. Why should I imitate him? After all he is already there in the music industry… why would people take me if he is already there… why should I imitate someone who is ruling the music industry?

Javed declared that you can neither make it as a playback singer nor as a stage performer. Are you willing to challenge him and prove him wrong?

I don’t want to comment on that… I guess he was hurt or irritated by something… it`s ok… he is an elder and he is the best lyricist in India… I`d rather not talk about his talent. But he advised me that I shouldn’t sound like Sonu Nigam and I’ll defiantly work hard to sound different. I have a dream that one day I’ll sing a song written by him and composed by Anu Maliik. Hope, it comes true one day.

You said that you want to be a true Indian Idol. Tell us about it.

I meant that I want to be an Idol in the true sense. The real idol for the masses… the people of India. I want to take music career to new heights. I want to rule the music industry.

Who would you vote for? Amit or Prashant?

I’ll vote for both. But otherwise I would pray that Amit bhaiya wins. It`s not that Prashant bhaiya is not good. He is a good singer, but Amit bhaiya is even better. I want Amit Paul to be the Indian Idol.

What are your future plans?

I want to work a lot harder on my voice and be the best singer in India. After my board exams I want to come back to Mumbai to start my career in the film industry.

Will you try acting?

If I get a chance then I’ll definitely give it a try. But the deal would be that I get to sing for myself in the movie. I would like to be like Kishore Kumar—who was a good actor, composer, music director, lyricist and producer all packed into a single personality. I would like to be a versatile performer.

One thing that you’ve gained here that you’ll cherish for life?

The comments of the judges. Those golden words will be with me for life and that is the most important thing that I’ve gained here. They will help me improve my voice. Each word is worth lakhs of rupees. They are priceless.

John Vs Bipasha in Indian Idol

John Abraham and Bipasha team up with Indian Idol Finalists;Amit Paul and Prashant Tamang. Bipasha choose to support Amit while John Choose Prashant. Their "Goal" is to support and boost the two competitors before the finals . So with the battle lines drawn and the sides picked, there was no time to waste as the fabulous fight of music rolled on.
In the first round, each contestant sang a song of their choice. In the second, they sang a song given by the other as challenge. Prashant sang Amit's choice of song for him "Badi mushkil hai" so beautifully that Anu Malik vote hom for the Indian Idol title. Prashant's challenge for Amit was to sing Bulla ki jaana main kaun.. Amit got a standing ovation from all the four judges for it!
In the final segment both contestants sang Tanhaiyee… from Dil chahta hai… the judges found it hard to decide who was better. It is going to be even harder for the viewers, this is a fact. Once again every viewer wishes that the best man wins the Indian Idol title. Go ahead and select your BHARAT KI SHAAN!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Indian Idol finalists Rock Mumbai!

The stage at Nirmal Lifestyle, Mumbai was on fire as the two Indian Idol finalists, Prashant Tamang and Amit Paul rocked the city with their performances. The show started off Hussain, Amit and Prashant welcomed the audience in their own typical ways. Then Sanjay Dutt made a guest appearance on stage to cheer for two competitors and to also thank the audience for their support during his crucial time. With the festive occasion of Ganesh Chathurthi coming up, Sanjay and the contestants performed the Ganapati Arti on stage Sanjay quickly bid everyone a farewell, after officially giving the count down to the voting lines being open and followed it up by singing a song from the movie - Kaante and by talking a little about his latest release - Dhamaal.
Soon after Sanjay’s exit, Amit and Prashant consecutively took over the stage. Amit made the audience fall in love with love all over again by singing - Pehla Nasha, Nasha yeh Pyaar Ka Nasha Hain, and Yaad Aa Rahan Hain Tera Pyaar…Later, Prashant got the entire crowd on their tows by singing - Rind Posh Mal from Mission Kashmir, Dil Ne from Kaho Na pyaar hain, and Bas Ek Pal.
Soon after the performances, Ritesh Deshmukh joined the performers and spoke to the audience about his new film - Dhamaal. Karishma Tanna did a little jig with the guys on - Ishq Di galli from No Entry. Preeti Saberwal and Vidya from Chak De India, too came to wish both men the very best for the finale, and presented them with a hockey stick each. Then for duo again rock the stage. The audience were simply crazy about them.

Indian Idol is now in a stage of finish to the finals. As the voting lines are open so start voting for your favorite contestant. Today Bollystar Bipasha and John Abraham is going to come to boost the spirit of Indian Idol.

Voting public to be blamed for bad singers coming in Indian Idol

Sony Entertainment Television is strongly denying the rumours going around that there is some rigging going in Indian Idol voting process. An offical source said, "We have a reputed third party organization which audits the voting process, which is very fair. People are wrongly blaming us for Emon's and Chang's Ouster, You don't vote for the right singer, and then cry about a lesser person coming ahead. Prashant has a sizable number of people in his home area and the police force who are voting en block , so he is winning." The source went on, "Don't the judges (Alisha wanted to walk out ) also complain about audiences voting pattern? Although Emon was a good singer, we alway knew that he will be out, because he did not have required public support."On the question of making the vote figures public, our source said, "The format(
Indian idol is international format) does not allow for the same . And secondly, if we do give the voting figures, will it not affect the next rounds result?". Taking a dig at the opposition, the source further went on to say that both those shows(Sa Re Gama SVOI) are homegrown and could have had the judges saving the contestants( which we cannot do, due to above format restriction) , but even then they prefer to ape us. When reminded that something similar had happened during Qazi victory in Fame Gurukul2, the source empathetically denied any wrong doing even then too. "We Indian's like the underdog and support him, hence Qazi came ahead..
So please vote for your favorite contestant rather then just crib.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Amit Paul has all the trappings of an Indian Idol

He is good looking; he sings like a dream, he is a ladies’ man. He is Amit Paul. He hails from Shillong. He can sing in Hindi, English, Nepali, Khasi and Bengali too, that is when he isn’t singing in Tamil and Telegu etc. Is that good enough to be the next Indian Idol? The next week will tell. Soft spoken and well mannered, Amit Paul is a hit with women wherever he goes. This multi talented youngster auditioned for Indian Idol for a lark. Only after moving ahead in each round, did his confidence grow. But when his best friend and buddy Bhavin was voted out of Indian Idol, an emotional Amit could not go ahead with his performance. Overcome by emotions he forgot his lines. It did not go down well with the judges, but when he revealed the real reason for forgetting his lines, he won over the viewers and the judges as well. Viewers voted him back in the Wild Card round. Amit has not looked back since. Having felt the angst of elimination, he practices hard and remains the most focused contestant on the show. With each week, he has gone from strength to strength in his performances. The judges are amazed by his determined fight back. They see in him the next Indian Idol. So do most people, going by the flood-gates of votes that have opened for him. If Amit Paul is your choice for Indian Idol; go ahead and vote for him in large numbers. It is your chance to play an important role in giving the Indian music
industry a voice to be proud of.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Will Prashant prove to be the dark horse at Indian Idol this year?

He is the nicest guy ever, say all those who know Prashant Tamang. With his childlike innocence and his disarming smile, it is hard not to like Prashant. This Nepali cop from Darjeeling has not only done his community and his police force proud, but has become an inspiration to all youngsters who dream of making it big, but don’t have the courage to take that first step. With sheer faith in himself, this youngster has reached the TOP TWO of Indian Idol. My life has turned full 360 degrees,he says,since coming to Indian Idol. I have to pinch myself to realize that it is not a dream; I am indeed here in Mumbai. It is beyond my dreams he says with a smile. He has been singing in the police band and has been hugely popular. Few know that he strums the guitar too.On Indian Idol, he has moved up in the eyes of the judges and viewers alike, with each passing week. Annu Malek never fails to praise his courage and determination to reach the top. Prashant has worked really hard to get here and I will not be disappointed if he is the next Indian Idol, says the hard to please music director. If Annu Malek sees the
potential in Prashant, then he sure has what it takes to win the title.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Indian Idol Finalists to Perform in Mumbai!

The two finalists of Indian Idol, Amit Paul and Prashant Tamang will be at Nirmal
Lifestyle, Mulund on Tuesday September 11, 2007 to perform live for the first
time ever in Mumbai. The most exciting part of this performance is that the contestants whom you
have so far seen only on your television screens will be performing live
exclusively for their fans in Mumbai. They have won the hearts of people
wherever they have gone; and votes too. Here is your chance to see and hear
your favourite Indian Idol contestants in person and support them with your
votes. A golden opportunity for the fun loving Mumbaikars -- an evening of
music, singing dance and the works. Your favourite top two contestants have
reserved the best for Mumbai. They will sing their favorites songs and yours too.
All music lovers are invited to turn out in large numbers to show your
appreciation for the Indian Idol contestants who have worked hard to make it to
the final round. The competition is tough and they need all your support and votes in large
numbers. Don't forget to vote for your favourite contestant. Your favourite
contestant is all set to battle it out for the title of Indian Idol: Bharat Ki Shaan. Your
votes will help him achieve his dreams and make you proud to have played a
part in finding a golden voice.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Amit and Prahsant In The Indian Idol Finale

Talented Amit and Sizzling Prashant is in the Indian Idol finale. Emon, the little Sonu is eliminated this time. It was a heartrending scene on the Indian Idol. It's very unfortunate to loose such an outstanding singer. But we have to accept the reality -- one has to go out of the Indian Idol to get Bharat Ki Shan ... Indian Idol 3. Mini generally declares the name of the eliminated contestant but this time she also hesitate to decalare the name. It was our Javed ji who declared Emon's name. Emon ended up his Indian Idol with a faboulous performance.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Adnan Sami 'Lifts' Indian Idol to new Heights!

Indian Idol has reached its penultimate stage. The top three are in place. The three young men were looking like rock stars. They are singing at their best. Today Adnan Sami 'Lifts' the Sprits of the Top 3 Contestants in Indian Idol. Everybody was as delighted as the contestants to have him on stage with the contestants singing Aa raha hoon main from Dhamaal the film that boasts of having Adnan as the music composer. Each contestant sang two songs each… all Kishore Kumar numbers of Adnan's choice.
Emon swept everybody off their feet with his opening number…Yeh jo mohhabat hai from Kati Patang. After last week's controversy and arguments about his singing, Javed Akhtar was very happy with his singing and performance. Prashant followed it up with a delightful rendition of Ek ladki beegi bhaagi si.. Annu Malek's whole hearted praise reduced the young man to tears. It was the first time anybody had showered him with so much praise. When Amit sang, time seemed to stand still. The judges were unanimous in their verdict…the film industry has found a new singing sensation they said.
In the next round the contestants dedicated songs to their loved ones. Emon dedicated Banke tera jogi to his parents. Prashant dedicated to his friends in the police force Bheege honth tere… Amit the emotional one amongst them dedicated to his grand mother … Betaab dil… for which he bagged full marks from Javed Akhtar.
The evening ended on a high note with the jugalband between Adnan and Fazal Qureishi the talented younger brother of Ustad Zakir Husain.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Jojo in Roobaroo this Week

The Third season of Indian Idol is in its final phase now and the competition gets tougher, as it is ‘Survival of the Fittest’ between the 3 top contestants. The 3 contestants left in the fray, basking in all the attention and enjoying every moment of it, Amit Paul, Emon Chatterjee and Prashant Tamang are having a great time.
The surprise guest of the evening was Jojo, who made the show more memorable for the contestants, by singing his new song Maheru from his latest album. Jojo had a confession to make! He said that he has been following Indian Idol and that he loves Amit’s voice. "It's great for playback singing", he revealed. He said that he is rooting for Amit as the next Indian Idol and he feels that the whole nation also wants him!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Amit Paul drives Shillong crazy!

The city of Shillong went into a festive jubilation at the news of Amit Paul returning home to meet his people. The usually unmanned and cold streets of Shillong were packed with people and suddenly one could feel the warmth and welcome that they wanted to give to their representative at Indian Idol. At Guwahati airport, there was a crowd of thousands of crazy fans wanting to have one glimpse of their hero: Amit Paul. From the Guwahati airport to the Bada Pani Lake, Amit halted at every 10 meters to talk and shake hands with his followers, friends and fans. At Bada Pani lake, he was welcomed with a Khasi Tribal dance. “This was a dream and now I believe that some dreams do come true”, says an over excited Amit Paul with tears in his eyes. “This is an experience of a lifetime; these moments will last in my mind forever.”The crowd followed Amit everywhere making it look like a caravan round the city. There were girls who ran behind Amit’s car for over three kilometers to get one autograph!!! After the Bada Pani Lake, Amit Paul made his way to the Air Marshall house which was crowded with localites’, who wanted to meet Amit Paul, and he came to the gate and met his fans personally. In the evening, at Jawaharlal Nehru sports complex, Amit witnessed and performed to a maddening crowd of over two lakh people. He held them spell bound with his rapturous music and mesmerizing renditions of some of the top chart busters and evergreen songs from 80’s and 90’s.Surely girls kissing, friends hugging and the crowd wanting to shake hands with this young man shook the life out of him by the evening. But still Amit maintains, “This was the most memorable day in my life at Indian Idol”. It was because of this platform that i got this fame, love and adulation from everybody. “Indian Idol rocks!” says Amit. At a press meet held this morning at Chief Minister's residence, Amit Paul was honoured with the title of brand ambassaor of peace of Meghalaya.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

'To me, first priority is singing' - Amit Paul

Amit Paul has made it big in Indian Idol, he is in the Top 3 now. Here is the heart throb of all girls, talking about his experience and much more..

"Nasha Yeh Pyaar Ka Nasha Hai..." When you hear this song, you only think of one person : the heart throb and "lover boy" of Indian Idol, Amit Paul.His looks, his versatality in singing has really created magic, as fans all over India are falling in love with this all-rounder, who definitely has it to be our Idol.

How does it feel to be in the TOP 3:

Amit: I thought that I was voted out this week, but im glad im safe. I was honestly very scared, when Ankita read out my name, I thought that this was the end, but im glad im still here.

How have things changed after being in the TOP 3?

Amit: Its just getting tougher day by day, all the singers are just too good.
How has your journey in Indian Idol been so far?

Amit: Every moment in Indian idol is special for me! When I came to the audition, I wasn't sure, if I’ll be able to make it, because I didn’t have any formal traning. I am surprised how things clicked, and how suddenly the people of India were there on my side, supporting me.

Who do you think is your toughest competitor?

Amit: It’s a difficult question, because there is no competition here. Emon and Prashant are like my brothers, and if any one sings badly, we go and help that person out, so its basically a competition with yourself, where with each performance, you need to improve yourself, and that’s what we are all doing here.

Which judge has been your toughest critique so far?

Amit: Alisha was my toughest critique.

What’s the key difference between performance and singing? What’s your take on it?

Amit: In Indian Idol, you need to be an excellent singer, and a great performer. In my case, my first priority is singing, and then performing.

If you could bring back one eliminated contestant, who would it be?

Amit: Definitely Deepali!

Hypothetically, if at this stage, you were not here, who would you give the winning title to, including the eliminated contestants?

Amit: Emon or Prashant!

Your fans simply love your versatality, and they have been voting for you over these last few weeks, any special message for them?

Amit: Thank-you every much, I will work really hard to impress you, I know you really love me, I am very happy for it, I will work very hard, and make my fans proud!

If you are to win the Indian Idol 3, what would your first instant reaction be?

Amit: If I was to win the Indian Idol title, I would first kneel down and thank God and thank all my fans.

Monday, September 3, 2007

'Javed Sir and Annu Malek have been so supportive'- Ankita Mishra

With Ankita Mishra's elimination in Indian Idol, all dreams of having a girl as Indian Idol this year, has faded away. Here is Ankita Mishra in an interview after her shocking Elimination.

What is your reaction after getting eliminated from Indian Idol?
Ankita: I was completely blank on stage. When my name was announced, I really didn't know how to react. I wouldn't say that I didn't expect this, I was prepared for elimination from the theater rounds. It was a little shocking, since I wanted to be the girl who would be in the TOP 3, but oh well. I am disappointed, definitely.

What about Indian Idol are you going to miss the most?
Ankita: I'll miss the stage the most. The stage that has given me the most recognition. I laughed, danced and sang on the stage, and that's why I didn't cry on stage, since it would be unfair.

The judges that you are going to miss the most?

Ankita: Definitely Javed sir and Annu Malek. They have been so supportive to me. There were so many things that I would have liked to tell them, but then I was just completely blank.

What's next in line?

Ankita: Well, I'll go back home, and spend time with my family and friends, who I haven't been in touch with. And go back to studying; however, I do plan to persue my career in music too.
Do you plan to make it big in Mumbai, or heading off to Kanpur again?

Ankita: I am planning to move to Mumbai and try to make it big as a singer, along with studying science.
Any message for the remaining contestants?

Ankita: I would like to wish them all the best. May the best contestant win!
Three Cheers to the charming Ankita aka Anky Baby aka Ankit aka Ankiteshwari for entertaining all; for making a mark in Indian Idol.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The graceful performer, ANKITA is eliminated

This time itz time for Ankita to be eliminated. With Ankita Mishra's elimination in Indian Idol, all dreams of having a girl as Indian Idol this year, has faded away. Today Prashant was the first to be declared to enter the Top -3 , then it was the turn of Amit to be safe while Emon and Ankita were in danger zone. When Mini asked the judges to choose one of them out of two -- all the threee judges except Javed vote for Emon. This time janta also supported the judges and Anky-baby Ankita was out of the show.
As Javedji said Ankita Mishra was surely the 'Life of Indian Idol' and her electrifying performance will be missed in every gala.