Tuesday, September 4, 2007

'To me, first priority is singing' - Amit Paul

Amit Paul has made it big in Indian Idol, he is in the Top 3 now. Here is the heart throb of all girls, talking about his experience and much more..

"Nasha Yeh Pyaar Ka Nasha Hai..." When you hear this song, you only think of one person : the heart throb and "lover boy" of Indian Idol, Amit Paul.His looks, his versatality in singing has really created magic, as fans all over India are falling in love with this all-rounder, who definitely has it to be our Idol.

How does it feel to be in the TOP 3:

Amit: I thought that I was voted out this week, but im glad im safe. I was honestly very scared, when Ankita read out my name, I thought that this was the end, but im glad im still here.

How have things changed after being in the TOP 3?

Amit: Its just getting tougher day by day, all the singers are just too good.
How has your journey in Indian Idol been so far?

Amit: Every moment in Indian idol is special for me! When I came to the audition, I wasn't sure, if I’ll be able to make it, because I didn’t have any formal traning. I am surprised how things clicked, and how suddenly the people of India were there on my side, supporting me.

Who do you think is your toughest competitor?

Amit: It’s a difficult question, because there is no competition here. Emon and Prashant are like my brothers, and if any one sings badly, we go and help that person out, so its basically a competition with yourself, where with each performance, you need to improve yourself, and that’s what we are all doing here.

Which judge has been your toughest critique so far?

Amit: Alisha was my toughest critique.

What’s the key difference between performance and singing? What’s your take on it?

Amit: In Indian Idol, you need to be an excellent singer, and a great performer. In my case, my first priority is singing, and then performing.

If you could bring back one eliminated contestant, who would it be?

Amit: Definitely Deepali!

Hypothetically, if at this stage, you were not here, who would you give the winning title to, including the eliminated contestants?

Amit: Emon or Prashant!

Your fans simply love your versatality, and they have been voting for you over these last few weeks, any special message for them?

Amit: Thank-you every much, I will work really hard to impress you, I know you really love me, I am very happy for it, I will work very hard, and make my fans proud!

If you are to win the Indian Idol 3, what would your first instant reaction be?

Amit: If I was to win the Indian Idol title, I would first kneel down and thank God and thank all my fans.


deeti said...

amit paul you are going great..keep it up...

Ashita said...
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xpikon said...

he lover boy u should change ur style n sing some other songs than romantic songs. hope u'll be the next Indian Idol.

cutie said...

Instead of saying u would bring back ankita...u saying deepali.....head of ur urs..hehehe...

best of luck dear..i prefer you than Prashant and Emon....

Kumud said...

hi amit ,
u were grt today .....as always
.... no matter wht happens i make sure that i don't miss your performance....

u r a grt singer a grt person and a grt human

well i would like to wish u luck...
ur my indian idol and also my 8 month old daughters idol

when u sing v both dance together

v simply love to watch u singing


vijay said...

KEEP IT UP.........BYE

Vipin Yadav said...

Hi! Amit Paul you are my indian idol..........

Sneha said...

being an indian proud to have such a great singer.aise kayi singers hai is duniya mein par kisi kisi channel mein par ek hi amit hai indian idol mein jaise chand hazarom tharom mein se chalak rahe hai.waise hi nasha pyar ka chalak dighlana.best of luck.

deserted said...

I used to love this overweight guy... but I HATE ADNAN SAMI from now on!

i know amit seems to have no flaw in singing.. but why r u giving prashant a hard time telling him he has flaws in singing.. cud have done better n blah blah..? did u even listen to his songs on sep 7th?
i am mad at adnan sami because he gave the most beautiful song to amit paul and he discriminated the others.
if u were asked to choose among kora kagaz tha yeh man mera, or ek ladki bhigi bhagi si , or yeh jo mohabbat hai , what would you choose if you were in their position? obviously kora kagaz tha yeh mann mera because just look at the lyrics and meaning of that song .. it has so much TADAP in it. the other two songs, though popular, do not touch the Indian Janata's heart as much as Kora kagaz does.

I hate you ADNAN SAMI for being so biased! were u biased to Prashant just coz he is a BUDDHIST??? or r u jealous of him??? and what is that comment abt prashant? don't u have ears u "big fat" turned into "mediocre fat" bulb ??? what does this Adnan think of himself? SON OF A GUN!

qasim said...

Hi dear

Well, I'm from Pakistan and would like to say something about the indian idol, that is super, exellent and wonderful, now my best wishes with Amit but I was also suport to Emon Chaterjee but he is no more in Indian Idol. Don't loose your heart keep it up my dear Amit you will be the INDIAN IDOL.


Qasim from Pakistan

vijay said...


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