Thursday, September 13, 2007

Amit Paul has all the trappings of an Indian Idol

He is good looking; he sings like a dream, he is a ladies’ man. He is Amit Paul. He hails from Shillong. He can sing in Hindi, English, Nepali, Khasi and Bengali too, that is when he isn’t singing in Tamil and Telegu etc. Is that good enough to be the next Indian Idol? The next week will tell. Soft spoken and well mannered, Amit Paul is a hit with women wherever he goes. This multi talented youngster auditioned for Indian Idol for a lark. Only after moving ahead in each round, did his confidence grow. But when his best friend and buddy Bhavin was voted out of Indian Idol, an emotional Amit could not go ahead with his performance. Overcome by emotions he forgot his lines. It did not go down well with the judges, but when he revealed the real reason for forgetting his lines, he won over the viewers and the judges as well. Viewers voted him back in the Wild Card round. Amit has not looked back since. Having felt the angst of elimination, he practices hard and remains the most focused contestant on the show. With each week, he has gone from strength to strength in his performances. The judges are amazed by his determined fight back. They see in him the next Indian Idol. So do most people, going by the flood-gates of votes that have opened for him. If Amit Paul is your choice for Indian Idol; go ahead and vote for him in large numbers. It is your chance to play an important role in giving the Indian music
industry a voice to be proud of.


Frank said...

Amit’s fan shows true colors, warns Nepalese people not to vote Prashant

According to the reporter of one of the reputed newspaper, fans of amit (along with the khasi community) has warned nepali people in Meghalaya not to vote for Prashant. They have warned that serious action will be taken against any Nepalese who will vote for Prashant. They have also added that they will throw all Nepalese out of state if Amit Pual doesn’t win the title.

As the result of that not even a single rally has been organized for prashant in Meghalaya though it is densely Nepalese populated area. Sources add that even in the last concert of Amit, nepali people were forced to participate for Amit in the program.
Taking to reporter on phone, the president of Organization of Non resident Nepalese, Mr Til Bahadur Gurung said that they have been forcefully involved in the campaign for amit.

Even the state government has barred Nepalese people to vote for Prashant. The PCO of the most part of the state remain free to vote for Amit from Friday night to Saturday morning. Nepali people are barred to enter PCO during these hours.

“We have been voting to Prashant hiding though mobile”, added the president of organization.

The kashi community launched a campaign against any one who votes for Prashant and said that they will throw out all nepalese people from the state if amit paul didn’t win the title.

There are around 1 lakh Nepalese in the Meghalaya only.

xpikon said...

wow what a gr8 story u made "frank".

candida said...

Who ever has posted this news item of Prashants fans being victimised in Meghalaya ought to be ashame of himself for spreading communal hatred. Firstly the population of Meghalaya alone according to 2001 census is 2,318,822 (kindly check census website) and the Nepali Population does not constitute half its population. There has been no threats given to them. It is a blatant lie to incense the Nepali community living outside the state of Meghalaya. kindly read shillongtimes newsletters to see the kind of support he is getting from the Nepali community. Whats more they are a brave community and do not need to do things on the sly. Shame on the Writer for portraying the State Government as being communal, especially when it is sincerely trying to promote peace and harmony. Shame on you! Shame on You! Anything bad should happen because of you irresponsible writing God Help you

Darjeeling Girl said...

whatever frank wrote is true candida, one of my nepali friend who resides in Shillong confirmed me of such practices being bestowed upon the Nepalese in Shillong. Its completely true and I too am surprised as to the mental state of the people there for a TV show. Where is India's Freedom in the true sense, which Gandhi slogged his entire life to attain. Its sad but its entirely and racial discrimination of a minority community who have laid their lives on the line of fire, loc etc. so that the indian people can snort away at night. And this is what they give in return.

keyur said...

hi amit i am truly yours great friend and i belive in you are a rock star and i am your fan.when you sing that song has emotions gesture and you are indian idol 2007 so please reply me

Shillong said...

dear Darjeeling girl, Who would know this better someone staying in darjeeling or shillong? either your Nepali friend in shillong is a liar (we should throw that person out from shillong for spreading vicious lies) or you are playing chinese whispers. If your story were true shillong would have burnt long ago.

BASABI said...


Esha said...

hello all,
Well Frank, the article written by u does show ur hardwork in collecting the information regarding ur article but i dont agree with u that Nepalese are being forced not to vote for Prashant. Ya a part or a group of people myt have said that but not the whole state. It just cant be possible.
Meghalaya is a wonderful place to live.People out there r so loving and down to earth.Ask anybody who has visited North East and u will hear just one word and thats "they r the sweetest of all". I LOVE U AMIT PAUL. All The Very Besttttt!!
And one more thing dear,just think it this way....suppose, instead of these guys if anyone frm ur state wud be singing here in the Indian Idol wudn't u then vote for him?? I hope, now u must have got the answer of ma question.
Anyway we r not here to demoralise u. so keep up good work but always remember this a coin has two sides.
take care

gary said...

HEY AMIT ......
GREAT GOIN ...........GO....ON.....

Numa said...

It is very much clear that the whole Indian idol has teamed up to save 'AMIT'.... He is clearly a very much OVER-RATED singer. They have teamed up to brain-wash the audience that he is the next idol.. SHAME ON THEM.

He does have a good vocal but not flawless. He has been singing the same kind of songs ...and very monotonous. The judges are putting their lives to save him despite his bad performances.

HE HAS PERFORMED BETTER IN HIS OWN WAYS. HE is more versatile in his songs selections.His voice is very attractive and have touched people's heart but he has never got the comments he purely deserves.

Despite everything he has proved to be a real fighter and a survivor. Noone deserves a title more than he does. He has stood up despite everything. HE IS THE REAL IDOL.

kUnZiN said...

Ex Darjeeling girl says...
So you nepali people in darj are not racist???? You all are the worst raciast people on earth. According to some source in darj. you guys are not allowing any fans of Amit to vote for him. They too had to hide and give vote to their idol to be.

kUnZiN said...

Darjeeling girl says...
Hell no Prashant do not deserve to be indian idol. He is just fit to be nepali singer. C'mon he can't sing like Amit, and what the judges commented on him. He chooses easy songs. Look at Amit and learn from him. Amit you deserve to be the next indian idol. Whole India is with you. This nepali dude can't be indian idol. Ghosh please NO WAY!!!!!

Shillong said...

Indian Idol is to American Idol as Prashant Tamang is to Sanjaya Malakar

disLIKED said...

Hey Indian Assholes,
The worst people on the eath,
If i had a power I would not mind wiping out that picee of Shit country from the worlds map,
I hate indians, they are so Biased,
as far as nepali people,
they are much milder and nicer then indians,
indians are cheap
And conservative,
i think thats what all american believe here...
whenever we see an indian, we have to close the nose because they smell so bad, and most of the time they smell like a curry,
they dont even cleam themselves well,
i could see dandruffed hair all over,
i have met nepali and indian both in My office and they were debating about this indian idol stuff and that made me feel go search something about indian idol,
and yeah! What a COPY!!
they even copied the background music, the AMERICAN IDOL title board and the wat they manages everything is a copy....
hahah makes me feel like "Aaahhhhh"
My true opinion,
I think nepali people are very honest and down to the earth,
and Title must go to nepali dude there,
by the way i dont know who is nepali Amit ot prasnt.
Good luck,

Hasma said...

Amit you are my Indian idol ....and iam sure you will win ...our prayers are with you .

nritya said...

Fot the first time the top two contestant of INDIAN IDOl are from places which is lesser known for this kind of tough competition and perhaps no one ever imagined we would get ou next indian idol either form Darjeeling or Shillong.In some way its great thing for people of North East and Darjeeling.So why this kind of communal things are pocking out their ugly head.I don't know how much truth is their in whatever Frank has written but it shows how irresponsible he is.Its necessary also to let people vote for whom they want and let the best win.To do such kind of act(if its really true) is such a sad thing for all people . I hope all this news are fake ones and let's be happy for both Amit and Prashant who have shown rest of india that we are also good in what they can do.CHEERS........

melba said...

all the best!!!!these wishes comes to you all the way from beautiful GOA

nritya said...

Well for (DISLIKED),
here is another information for u,the voting system is same like American Idol (last time judges were takling bout this voting system).U live in America,thats why i am sure haven't seen one show of our desi version.Well talking about copying, we are doing just the musical shows and that doesnt harm a single soul on this whole universe and not killing all those innocent civilians in name of terrorism.
I was wondering why u have this hard feelings against us...and watever u American think out there about us shows how inhuman u all r
and last not the least prashant is that Nepali guy.
well u could have asked one of them what was all talks about?
ohhhhhh........i forgot that we stink so u cannot think of getting an inch close to us.
And just dont u dare to call INDIA A peice of Shit on world map.
U people have done enough damages by killings and raping hell lot of people.Now u r contributing by ur foul words......what a great follower, i wonder every American are like u......shame on u guys.
Music spreads LOVE and PEACE and there's nothing wrong doing that.......Well WE indians are lot wiser than u all ......we do good by copying good things.....wonder what u people do......ahhhhh

young said...

The Whole Finale Of the Show was designed to promote Amit and demoralise Praashant. How can equating amit forgetting a whhole verse of a song be equal to prashant just missing a beat ? The judges except Anu Mullick showed their true apherthied colours. Prashant and only Prashant deserves to be the Indian Idol. Because when Amit missed his lines, Prashant wnet up to him, hugged him and consoled him before starting his part and at the end also, he let Amit finish the song, which shows that apaart from being a good singer, he is a very good human being. And for a person to be idolised, good voice is not just enough, you have to be a good person too. Shame on all the judges, Mini Mathur and Hussain for being baised. vote for Prashant. Love you Prashant.

Nepali Media said...

I m looking for Amit singing nepali song.
I found Prashant singing nepali song on

neha said...

i m amit pauls best friends sister so i known him very well.he totally roxs n like he was crying so much yesterday.its not fare

Anonymous said...


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