Thursday, May 31, 2007

Indian Idol 3 will be grander - Rahul Vaidya

Indian Idol 3 will start within a few days. How eagerly are you looking forward to it?

I will be out for my solo performances for a couple of days but whenever I will find
the time; I will definitely watch the show. I was a part of the first series of this show
and even today I am emotionally attached with this. There has been a lot of saying about KBC 3 that it is missing the zing and its TRP rating is also falling down.

Do you think that the Indian Idol 3 will be as successful as its earlier two series?

Yeah, it is true that KBC 3 did not have the same flavour as its first two seasons had. Though a super star like Shahrukh Khan was hosting KBC 3, but audience found something missing in it. But I don’t think that Indian Idol 3 will meet the same fate. Rather I believe that Indian Idol 3 will be grander and more successful than its first two seasons.

On screen many times we see emotional moments and a lot of friendship among
contestants. Are these true reflections of emotions or an act to take the TRP
ratings up?

For days, the contestants live under one roof and practice together. In such scenario, it is very natural to get attached with each other emotionally. Though they are competitors, yet during the practice sessions you will find them correcting each other, sharing their opinions and giving suggestions to each other for improvement. So, whatever you see on the screen is not a synthetic picture. In fact they are the expressions of real feelings.

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