Monday, July 30, 2007

Watch Some Tensed Moments In Elimination Round

Mini and Hussain try to calm Ankita`s nerves and her leg!
Ankita`s all a flutter

Poster boy Parleen gives his last performance on Indian Idol

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Watch Some Cool Moments With Ritesh Deshmukh On Robaroo

Riteish and Parleen have a mastiful time

And Riteish`s judgement: Come dance with me

Ankita defends Parleen against the charges against him

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Journey Of Parleen To The Indian Idol Comes To An End

What a shock!! Nobody imagined after such a fantastic , superb performance yesterday Parleen could be out of this competition. The show started with the comment that Anu Malick had for Deepali yesterday. There was a contradiction among the judges specially among ALisha Chinoy and Anu Malik that whether they should interfare in the personal life of the contestants or not. Another contradiction was that whether they should be more careful about their comments as it could lead a good contestant to the danger zone.ALisha Chinoy thinks that Anu Malick's comment towards Deepali that "her crush is crushing her voice" has lead her to the danger zone. She said that Janta is influenced by the judges comment and they vote accordingly...So they judges should be very much aware about their comment as it could shatter a contestant dream's to be the Indian Idol. However this time Deepali,Parleen and Puja were in danger zone .. out of which Parleen was eliminated. This time history didnt repeat itself leading to the elimination of the girls unlike the other galas.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Amit, Emon And Parleen Were Outstanding In The Gala

Emon was the first to start the 5th gala round and he raise the tempo to a very high level. Today's theme was all about romance so everybody told about their love and first crush. Puja was good but her choice of song didnt satisfy the judges....same goes with Deepali. Judges found that she was emotionless in her song. Prashant was unable to prove himself in this gala also. Chang also didnt do justice to his reputation. Amit and Parleen were outstanding while Abhishek was good. Amit's Pehla Nasha posed a nasha among all the judges and janta. Now itz the time to vote. So vote for your favorite contestants.We have to wait for tommorow to see who's is unlucky girl or guy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

10 finalists of Indian Idol flaunt their talent on Radio Mirchi

Collage of emotions, raising levels of viewer frenzy and excitement coupled with tears and joys, heartbreak and jubilation, learning’s and achievements...and a chance to flaunt their singing talent on Radio! The 10 finalists of Indian Idol showcased the best of their voice on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, India’s hottest radio station on Monday, 16 July 2007. Mirchi listeners across Mumbai assess the talent of the 10 finalists as they jam with RJ Tarun on Bumper 2 Bumper while celebrated music personality Pritam pays them a surprise visit.

Riteish Deshmukh on Indian Idol

This week’s Roobaroo promises to be a lot of fun. First, Parleen is accused of upstaging the other contestants with his performances. Then, to sort out the mess, a new host-cum-judge, Riteish Deshmukh, steps in. While Ankita and Abhishek are Parleen’s lawyers, Deepali and Puja are the opposition. What follows is a free-for-all debate on performances, singing and dancing. At the end, Riteish takes Parleen’s side and the two break into a dance!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cool Dude Suhit Goswain Faces An Interview

Here is an interview with Suhit where he displays the many facets to his personality!

1. Suhit, lets start from the beginning, what was your first inspiration into the world of music?

My first inspiration into the world of music is definitely my parents. Both my mom and my dad are singers and so they have always created a very good atmosphere of music at home, which really pulled my interest, gradually, towards music. My sister is the one who showed me the way towards western music, especially metal.

2. Growing up in India, specifically in a professionally oriented family, the pressure for studies at the expense of your interests, is often very high. Did you face it too? How did you work around it?

Yes, I had to face a certain amount of pressure for studies at the expense of my interests but the kind of explanation my parents gave, I was also in agreement with their point of view. Since Indian Idol 3 happened to me and I got an opportunity to exhibit my talent, now it is easier for me to plan and initiate steps to pursue this interest more seriously.

3. You were a star performer at Indian Idol 3, with a huge following. What would you rate your biggest strengths in terms of both, performing and singing? What is your sweet spot when it comes to singing?
Well I must say that I never ever rehearsed my choreography in front of the mirror. My performance has always been very natural on stage and that is my biggest strength in terms of performing. As far as singing is concerned, my strong point is my feel, the expressions I try to portray through the song. I may not be technically perfect but I always tried to touch peoples' hearts.

4. You were with some incredibly gifted singers and performers for a long time, what were some of your most memorable moments? Who amongst the finalists were you closest to?

There are many memorable moments during this journey.
After the last Theatre Round, Annu ji addressed the 28 finalists and stated, You are now no more contestants, but artistes". It gave us such a high and simultaneously made us feel humble. After the result of the last Piano Round (before wild card) was announced, Swapnali M'am, our music teacher started crying while chatting with me. I was so touched.
There are many more such emotional moments, but let me share a 'secret'. All boys (14 finalists) at Indian Idol 3 had amazing bonding. All of us were never allowed to see our own episodes on TV and so the cables were removed from all the rooms but some how we managed to stretch out the cable-end out of the wall and used our thumb nails to connect it to TV. All of us used to watch our performances turn by turn letting no one else know about it. I remember these moments very fondly because of the innocent thrill involved. Padmanav is and will always be my all time best friend among the finalists. He has a gifted voice and an amazing soul. I am also quite close to Chang.

5. Among the 3 who made to the final shortlist, jusges rated Padmanav as the best singer, you as the best performer, and Ankita as the best combination of both performing and singing. And then they chose Ankita. If you were one of the judges, how would you have evaluated all the three?
If I were a judge, I would have considered Padmanav as the best singer, Ankita as the best performer and Suhit as the combination of both. I think Ankita was any time a better performer than me but technically her singing has been off-key. I had bad days but pretty good days in singing as well and so I will surely give myself more points in the singing department. However, I hasten to add that full credit to Ankita and complete respect for the Judges' decision - they all are doyens of the Music industry.

6. Among the 3 judges, Mr. Javed Akhtar was most critical of you in the end. What is your view of his criticism?
I have always appreciated his decision and criticism for my singing but I would have to say that in some of my performances where other judges appreciated me, he had been a bit rude by using certain similes where it was not required especially in some of my performances where even Annu Malik ji appreciated my singing & sur. I used to feel bad only at that moment because afterwards I used to take it as a challenge to prove him wrong with a better performance.

7. Every successful celebrity and artist is a brand unto him/herself. A brand which can be defined with certain characteristics and what it has to offer. How would you define "Suhit Gosain" as a brand? What is Suhit, the brand's tag line?
While I sincerely thank all the people who have showered their love on me because of Indian Idol exposure, I do not consider myself a celebrityn- at least not as yet. Having said that, I will like to be defined as a cool guy with an attitude & my tag line would be I-can-do-it & Impossible-is-possible.

8. Name two Indian and two global music personalities whom you admire the most and why?
From India I really admire Kishore da because of his deep, sonorous voice and his expressive way of singing and A R Rehman who proved himself so talented that his style of bollywood music is appreciated globally. Among the global music personalities I would surely say Kurt Cobain (Nirvana vocalist) because of his attitude and his unique approach towards music and James Hetfield from Metallica as he is a legend and his music gives me a certain high.9. Share something about your various talents that most people do not know of. Is the Dude singer all that you have to yourself, or is there something more to Suhit?
Okay, there are many facets which I have been exploring. I like playing flute, which I do reasonably well. I love to dance and have done pretty well in school dance competitions and went till Boogie Woogie prelims (a dance competition on sony entertainment television) a few years ago. I learnt Salsa. I love riding the skate board and do roller blading. I am good at learning languges. I did basic courses in French & Japanese.

10. Every artist is a very sensitive person, which lend the artists to respond to the world around with some concern and compassion. Is there some issue that is close to your heart as well? Music is your passion, but what brings out your compassion?
Treating the senior citizens with dignity and caring for them. After all they are the ones who brought us up with care and love and in their old age, the least we can do is reciprocate. They are our living Gods. I feel really hurt when I see incidents around me where people neglect their parents/ grandparents in their old age. Though it is very personal to me, viewers did see my bonding with my Dadiji in one of the video-clips. I feel privileged to be born in a family where family-ties and caring for elders is considered a pious virtue.

11. Where does Suhit go from here? What are your future plans?

I wish to form a professional band and release a project with Padmanav. I would love to do modeling or anchoring stuff on some TV shows if I get an opportunity. This will be for the media world. I will definitely concentrate on my further studies and do my MBA and gain some work experience to secure my future.

12. Do you have a site which you call "home" on the net where your friends and admirers can meet and interact with you?

Yes it's orkut of course where I chat with all my friends and try to interact with all those people who liked me on the show. I will soon be creating my 'home' website.

13. Finally, if you had to bet on one person amongst the top 12 finalists today, who do you see as the Indian Idol 3?
I wish Chang wins this competition because he has an awesome, soothing voice and he is a very nice human being.

Janta is ignoring the girls

It’s sad, but true. The janta seems to be fonder of boys than girls. This was a topic all the judges spoke on. Javed was furious when he said that girls and woman are the avid voters who vote for the guys. Thus, the female contestants are being voted out one by one. Anu requested the janta to recognise the talents of the girls, too. Udit was hopeful things would change in the next round.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Charu's Dream Shattered

Charu was at danger zone today and she cant belief that she could be out of the Indian Idol.Even when the result was announced she appealed to the janta to give her a final chance. Charu told that this stage means a lot to her and she was not ready to leave it.
It was very pathetic to see that in every gala we are losing girls one by one. Just 3 girls left out of 7.This time all the 3 girls : Charu, Deepali and Puja was in danger zone.It's very shocking that inspite of the electrifying performance yestarday, Puja was in danger zone today.Although Prashant and Abshishek's performance was not that satisfactory,they were safe.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Mindblowing Performances In The Gala

In yesterday gala every performance was awsome and fantastic.Dhanbad ke dynamite Puja was the first to begin the gala and she raised the standard of the gala. Yeasterday the participants had to sing two song - one in low beat and other in high beat.Emon after having a criticism for the last two gala had a better comments this week.While Abhishek, Charu and Prashant and Deepali could not able to satisfy the judges.Deepali and Prashant is not physicaaly fit although Javedji praised the performance of Depali. The two wild card entrants Ankita and Amit are having a very good time for the last two galas.This time Ankita was so faboulous that guest judge Govinda also danced with her.Now it's the time to wait and watch who is voted out today.

Bombastic And Fantastic

Amit Paul's Performance at Indian Idol 3 Nasha yeh Pyar

Cool cop reveals his funny side

Catch an all-new Roobaroo—with new sets, a new format and a group of crazy fans! It’s an episode where everyone has fun. When Mini asks Deepali, “Kiski jheel si ankhon mein doobna pasand karogi?”, Abhishek answers, “It definitely cannot be Chang, he has such small eyes!” There was a quiz also for the audience. They named their favorite contestants and Mini asked them 3 questions about their favorite contestants.The person will have the oppurtunity to go for a dinner with their favorite participants.But the highlight will have to be Prashant. The shy cop from Kolkata reveals a delightfully funny side.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Indian Idol finalists sang in Hyderabad on July 08

The 4th CISM Military World Games being held in Hyderabad will always hold a special place in the hearts of the 11 Indian Idol finalists as they got the opportunity to sing Live for the first time on July 08, away from the Mumbai studios where they shoot for the reality programme. Beginning with the title track of Salaam-e-Ishq, the singers entertained everybody with solo and duet performances. Most of the contestants except Prasant, who is in the police service and Meiyang Chang, a dentist, are still in college. And there are others like Pooja and Emon, who are in class 12.They all aspire to be playback singers, composers or music directors after completing their studies and want to work with A. R. Rahman or Anu Malik. The contestants loved the crowd turnout and grew a bit more confident about their singing abilities after getting a positive response from everyone present. But for Parleen Singh Gill, this moment was a bit more special because, "My father is an army officer and I can't explain how good I am feeling today to perform in front of three defence chiefs from the Army, Navy and Air Force. It is a matter of pride for me and my family." Gill says.This doesn't mean the rest were less excited as Meiyang confesses he loved it when the audience sang along with them.
Abhishek Kumar who said, "We are performing Live for the first time. But it never felt like we are in a new place, before a new audience. Thanks to the encouragement and response we got from the Hyderabadi audience." Class 12 student Ankita was enjoying a dream come true moment as she confessed, "It feels so good to perform in front of so many people."

Makeover didn`t work for Smita

The judges felt Smita had performed the song Salaam e ishq meri jaan quite well on Friday. Going by performance, they felt Parleen should be out. Only Udit vouched for Parleen, calling him a complete performer. Anu said that after her makeover, Smita had become a complete performer, who looked and felt confident as she sang. But it seemed the janta liked the good old Smita more.
The crybaby didn`t cry this time: The result was declared finally. Smita was out of the race. Anu was furious because it seemed to him the janta had supported her when she sang badly, but when she gave a stunning performance, they kicked her out.
Everybody was surprised that the crybaby, who usually shed tears at the drop of a hat, did not tear up. She was quite brave as she sang one of her father’s compositions. Smita finally allowed herself to cry when she hugged everyone and said goodbye.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Watch Out The Interview Of Dhanbad Ke Dynamite -- Puja Chatterjee

“Designer dresses and latke jhatke are secondary”

Puja Chatterjee, one of the most talented singers on Indian Idol started singing at the tender age of four. A student of the singer Ajay Chakraborty from Kolkata, her control over her voice and rhythm is outstanding. She won many local and national talent hunt competitions till date. Though she stays in a boarding school at Indore, where there is no TV, her parents heard about Indian Idol and enrolled her for the auditions. Since then there has been no looking back for this powerhouse of talent.
What are your chances of winning the title among the other contestants?

I have been learning music since I was four. As a result, I can say I am the senior among the other contestants. [Laughs]. Here, most of the singers have either just started learning or have been training for the last six months or a year.
Of course, it doesn’t mean I’m the best. But I am more experienced and I concentrate more on my singing. My expression of a song is the best among others and I hope the audiences are noticing the difference. Honestly, I do believe I should become the next Indian Idol.

How important do you think good looks and on-stage presentation are?

I don’t pay much attention to my presentation on stage. For me perfection of singing and holding the right tune and rhythm is the single most important thing. I believe that one should understand the lyrics of the song and sing it with feeling; performance will shape up automatically. Dancing doesn’t work when you’re off key. I just pay attention to my expressions and my overall performance is enhanced by it.

What is your ambition? Who do you idolise when it comes to singing?

I wish to become a versatile playback singer and work with all the music directors in the industry. I don’t want to take a single name like A R Rahman or Anuji… my ambition is to work with everyone. They all have different styles of presenting their music.
I idolise Lataji, Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle.

Your performance in the first Gala was a let down. Were you very upset?

It happens. No singer can perform without faltering. If you remember, Javedji said that Sachin can’t make a century in every innings. Sometimes he gets out for zero, too. I scored a zero in the first Gala, but the next one will be a century for sure. And I’ll make sure I keep on hitting centuries.

In case you don’t make it to the Top 5, will you go back to Dhanbad?

In case my journey ends here, it won’t be the end of the world. This is not my only aim—I want to be a playback singer. I’ll definitely come back to Mumbai. I am sure many music directors are watching the show and have noticed my talent. Indian Idol has given me the platform I wanted. Now I’ve to leap higher. I will approach the music directors, knock on their doors. I’ll struggle like other singers.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shabana steals show on Indian Idol

The theme of the third gala round in Indian Idol is celebrity performance. Appearing in their glamourous best, the contestants are all set to look like stars themselves. They have to perform songs of their favourite stars. Shabana Azmi judged the contestants this time. She came, witnessed and conquered all with her expert comments as a celebrity judge on Indian Idol. What could have been an opportunity to see great interaction between Shabana and hubby Javed Akhtar was not to be, as Javedsaab was out of town. He chose Hillary Clinton's company instead and flew off to be in San Francisco to attend a conference where he was invited as a speaker. He was sorely missed, though. Abhishek opened the gala round with a rocking performance with his namesake's hit song Dus bahane karke le gaye dil, that inspired Anu Malik to start rhyming again. Inspired by him, all others gave their best performances too. The show started with a bang and ended with thunderous applause for Amit Paul who outdid himself with his performance Yeh pyaar ka nasha haiĆ¢€¦ from the Aamir Khan starrer, Mann. Shabana Azmi was a perfect judge. She pointed out the flaws in the contestants' singing, she had encouraging words when they faltered, and she praised them wholeheartedly when they did well. She thought Charu has the potential of being a star singer, while Amit's singing had the precision of a surgeon's scalpel! She even joined Alisha to pick up cudgels on behalf of Emon when Anu Malik ticked off the youngster. Needless to say, Shabana had the last word! The show had some young guests too. Special invitees on the show were children supported by the NGO group Aakanksha. It was a treat for the underprivileged kids who had just passed their exams. There is a treat for viewers too. There's Smita after her glamourous makeover, singing with even greater confidence. And Chang looking like a million bucks.

Judges in no mood to spare errors

Some surpassed expectations while a few didn't quite live up to them. But, there is no doubt that with every passing week the performances are improving by leaps and bounds. If Abhishek performed like a star with Dus bahane karke le gaye dil, so did Charu with Mujhe mast mahaul mein jeene de. If Chang looked like a hero, then Ankita danced like she was born to do just that. If Deepali's performance on Mera piya ghar aaya was like a breath of fresh air, then Amit Paul had the judges gasping with his breathtaking performance of Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha hai from the film Mann. Every contestant understands the importance of each performance. The do or die attitude is there for all to see. The judges saw, they heard and they passed their verdict. Anu Malik is no longer in the mood to spare the slightest error. He has started a tirade against young Emon. However, special judge Shabana Azmi and judge Alisha were really upset and felt that that the judge was coming heavily on the youngster. However, Emon sang as well as always. Even the otherwise mild Udit Narayan is getting tough these days. Alisha is more accommodating. But, it was guest judge Shabana Azmi who called a spade a spade. She stepped in to make up for the absence of hubby Javed Akhtar, who was away in San Francisco to attend a conference alongside Hillary Clinton. Shabana was full of praise for the deserving contestants. "Superb!" was how she described Ankita's performance. "Mazaa nahi aaya," she said to Prashant, and pointed out that Amit's singing had the precision of a surgeon's scalpel. Javed would have been very proud of Shabana's performance. With every round, the judges are getting more critical and severe with their comments. The fun and games are over. It is serious business, they reiterate . The judges have done their job and the viewers have done theirs. The results are in. Fortunately for the contestants , the viewers of Indian Idol have thus far voted out contestants purely on merit. But, the going is getting tougher every week for the viewers too. It doesn't seem fair when your favourite contestants go out.

Smita Adhikary Bids Adieu To Indian Idol

Another fun-filled round ended in a teary elimination. This time three contestants were in danger—Charu, Parleen & Smita. Although Emon was criticised by Anu, he was safe. While Anu, Javed & Alisha felt Parleen would be voted out, Udit named Smita. And he was proved right! The `cry baby` took the bad news surprisingly well. She maintained her composure while she sang her final song—one of her father’s compositions.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Wow !! Is This Smita ? Can't Believe It !

“Is this me? Or someone else?” exclaimed an ecstatic Smita. We couldn’t take our eyes off her. Nor could Anu Maliik, the person who once said that she has a depressing personality. Smita got a makeover and looked stunning in a dress specially designed for her by Nita Lulla. The black sequined outfit complimented her new hairstyle and makeup. As Mini called her up on stage, Smita said in a choked voice that she had never thought she could look this good. Even Anu said, “Aaj makeover dekhke lagta hain you are very impressive.” Great going girl!
Smita Adhikari, whose father though being a musician couldn’t make it. When Smita started to sing, Oh My Dear God! it was simply fantastic, none express the meaning of the words of the lyrics so beautifully. In her performance, she actually lived the words, if it makes any sense! She was faboulous!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Jolly Das is out!

The show started with guests from Pakistan who crossed the border to meet the finalists. The contestants welcomed them with a song. But the mother of all surprises was Smita’s makeover. She looked stunning.Soon things took a serious turn--Jolly, Smita, Deepali & Emon were in the bottom 4. While the contestants voted against Smita, the judges felt Jolly should be out. The public sided with the judges and voted out Jolly Das.
The girl who had got a second chance had finally run out of luck. She looked pale, yet in control of her emotions. She sang her farewell song, Dekhlo hum ko karib se, and all the contestants came up on stage to bid her goodbye. Thus ended yet another round of the Galas. Only 11 contestants are left now.

Friday, July 6, 2007

The GALA ROUND of INDIAN IDOL 3 begins with glamour, glitz and contradictions among the judges. The contestants were looking gorgeuos and their performance was awsome. Ankita, Cheyang, Parleen, Puja, Prashant , Deepali and Emon was as usual rocking. While others were average on their performance.
The second Gala performance of Indian Idol was simply mind-blowing . The
contestants had a blast as they put on a fiery performance.If the second Gala went off with enthusiastic applause and accolades for the brilliant performances, tonight, Saturday, is time for the elimination. After the brilliant performances - the top 12 are all waiting and the wait seems endless! One among them will get voted out tonight. Her/his journey for the title of Indian Idol ends here. The audience can be large-hearted , and can also tell a good singer from a bad one. Many a time, they have surprised, even shocked the contestants, judges and the general viewing public with their unexpected choices in the past. Remember Amit Paul, who forgot his lines at the most crucial time, during his Wild Card Entry performance? All seemed lost; even Amit seemed to have given up hope, but the viewers felt he deserved another chance as he was a good singer. Their votes pulled him through. And whoever thought a singer like Padmanav or Shantanu or even Aisha would be left out in the cold?

The viewers have voted. The results are in. Who will go and who will remain on the show will be revealed tonight.

Robaroo By Indian Idol 3 Contestants

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ankita`s scorching performance bewitches the crowd and the jury!

Watch The Gala Round Performance Of Abhisekh

Abhisekh Shares His Life Story With Us

“You’re so good that I hate you” – said Alisha, after Abhishek presented the song “Mujhko pehchan lo main hoon Don” He looked superb, carried the song with amazing dexterity and gave a superb performance overall. Udit declared that he will surely be among the top 5. Even Javed felt he could be the Indian Idol.
But after the song Abhishek revealed to the audiences a hidden secret of his life. The truth, which was revealed he was at the tender age of 17. Abhishek is an adopted child. This is the reason why he has two sets of parents today. One who brought him up and his biological parents. The biggest surprise of the show was seeing both his parents on the stage today. Abhishek hugged and thanks both his parents on stage. Blessings from two mothers will definitely take you far Abhishek. Jai ho!